NCR VOYIX for Retail

Reduce complexity and own the experience with a powerful platform

the ncr commerce platform

Connect POS, self-checkouts, back office, and beyond

Stores aren't just stores anymore: they're experiences. From in-person to online, customers are shopping for the whole package. Give it to them with NCR VOYIX. Our industry experts and IT knowledge will give your store the tools it needs to succeed.

  • Helping you to manage operations
  • Transact efficiently
  • Engage customers with insights that come from data and analytics

No matter the store type, we have your solution

Manage Efficiency

More up-time, fewer outages, and less frustration

When technology has disruptions, it doesn’t just cause frustration — it slows sales. Transform your store operations with a SaaS platform you can rely on with NCR VOYIX, and take IT off your to-do list.

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Optimize workforce hours to focus on what matters: your customers

A buyer’s journey is not determined by transactions, but experiences. Maintaining high-performing solutions allow store associates to focus more on personalized and seamless experiences, not technology.

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business insights

Brands must stand out to succeed

Using data and customer insights help drive business and competitor differentiation. NCR VOYIX makes getting to know your customer simple, with loyalty programs that learn data to drive labor optimization and track efficiency.

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More than 100,000 stores are powered by NCR VOYIX retail solutions.

the primer

Transform, connect and run your retail technology platform with NCR VOYIX


Knowledge is power. Scale is empowering.

130+ years of buyer insight

NCR VOYIX has been a catalyst for change in commerce since 1881. We’ve spent a century and some learning about consumer buying behavior and passing the insight on to our customers aroudn the world.

End-to-end (and then some)

More than just software, hardware or services, NCR VOYIX is the only company who helps businessses run the store or bank from start to finish, front desk to behind the scenes to everywhere consumers shop.

Everywhere people buy & bank

With a presence in 180 countries around the world, only NCR VOYIX has the industry depth and global breadth to understand and serve the needs of businesses as consumer needs evolve and expand and the distance between us all shrinks.