Enhance your restaurant's brand experience with innovative digital signage

Connect with guests – and drive a differentiated brand experience – by delivering engaging menus and compelling offers through digital signage.

It’s more than just menu boards. It’s a digital canvas for your brand.


You need to be both nimble and distinct. Static menus and cardboard point-of-purchase displays just won’t cut it in today’s highly-competitive, digital-first world. And as your guests place more and more orders on their own, enabling an efficient pick-up experience is essential. Changing menu items, creating new offers and displaying real-time order information to guests—NCR Digital Signage (powered by Stratacache) makes it all easy and compelling.

With NCR by your side, you can do anything.


Our partnership combines NCR’s best-in-class restaurant tech, installations, and field service with the Stratacache full scope of innovative digital signage and customer experience solutions. With our customer-focused advisors by your side, we can:

Drive revenue and decisions

Engage guests and digitally influence them to drive higher average tickets.

Accommodate changing menus

Create and deploy menu changes quickly inside and outside the restaurant.

Provide a complete digital guest experience

Reduce the strain on your staff and improve speed-of-service and order accuracy for your guests.

Provide compelling content

Drive a unique brand experience through multi-media content displayed on digital signage.

Drive operational efficiency

Lower costs to make menu changes and better compliance with menu labeling laws.

Content Management

  • Maintain your brand identity for a cohesive guest experience
  • Create and deploy compelling and relevant content
  • Comprehensive system monitoring means you can confidently deploy your network
  • NCR Managed Services are available to help you with your content management needs

Media Player Hardware

  • Deliver big performance with small footprints
  • Engineered to operate 24/7/365 in high volume environments with always-on reliability
  • Available in either Linux or Windows Operating Systems to comply with your Corporate Operational Footprint
  • Provide redundancy for your mission critical, customer facing digital needs

Indoor Displays

  • Commercial Displays offer wide viewing angles and high-brightness for easy visibility throughout the restaurant
  • Run 24/7 without interruption
  • The guest experience, perception of the brand, products and profitability are enhanced through captivating content

Suggestive Selling

  • Deliver relevant personalized experiences to each guest to increase sales, efficiency, and customer loyalty
  • Provide an enhanced ordering process with hyper-relevant menu content
  • Lower your food waste with suggested menus based on stock levels perishable waste risk and improve back-of-house product usage

Shelf-Edge Displays

  • Drive clear order status communication to improve order pick-up, speed, and accuracy
  • Utilize cameras, scanners, weight, and/or motion sensors to interact with guest during pickup
  • Personalized content and digital interactions drive greater brand affinity

Order Status Displays

  • Ensure the right customer gets the right order
  • Show order status
  • Deliver a seamless guest experience with one-to-one personalization to ensure a secure, seamless pickup

Drive-Thru Displays

  • Enables 100% In-Field Servicing in 15 minutes or less
  • Smarter signage incorporate sensor-rich capabilities and predicitive monitoring to deeply understand guest behaviors
  • Displays are designed to handle any weather condition and provide clear views

Order Confirmation

  • Improve drive-thru order accuracy through real-time order display at time of order
  • Influence customer decisions with suggested upsell driven by Artificial Intelligence
  • Modernize and replace static menus with large-format outdoor digital displays
  • Instantly switches from current promotions and Limited Time Offers to order confirmation

NCR Restaurant Services

  • We can bring our customer’s strategic vision to life with our Strategic Advisory & Consulting Services
  • We can acquire, plan, and deploy all your tech with our Deployment & Implementation Services
  • We repair, restore, and actively maintain your tech with our Maintenance Services
  • We can be your single point of contact to resolve all your IT challenges with our Managed Services