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Embracing Crypto

Cryptocurrency is quickly going mainstream. We reached out to our crypto experts to understand how the market is evolving and how it will impact financial institutions. Read More >



Forward-thinking retailers should explore what the Metaverse can offer consumers

The Metaverse could open opportunities for retailers looking to expand their offerings and consumer breadth in a virtual environment.


Leverage social media to your restaurants benefit

To post or not? Social media can increase engagement with your customers tremendously.

Stay in the know with the latest digital banking insights: Accelerate e-magazine
  • The rapidly changing landscape for consumer engagement and what lies ahead
  • How banks and credit unions can unlock the power of customer data
  • The high-tech, high-touch engagement strategy that earned Celent’s top honor
  • How order-ahead experiences are translating to banking
  • Navigating the world of digital assets and cryptocurrency
Strategies for restaurants to increase efficiency in 2022

Innovative tech can keep you one step ahead in the restaurant industry.

Why the future of restaurant payments is contactless

Learn why the future of payments needs to be passive and contactless for diners.

5 surprising benefits of offering contactless payments in your restaurant

What do contactless payments have to offer your restaurant?

Addressing labor issues with self-service technologies in convenience stores 

Why self-service is the perfect solution to labor shortages

Data driven store transformation - Making room for more sales 

Use your store’s data to design a better checkout experience and gain more merchandise space.

Virtual cart abandonment: Tactics a retailer can use to help the consumer close out the sale

How to beat online cart abandonment