Security is always front-of-mind and we have applied industry best practices at every touchpoint in our business. Our Risk and Regulatory Department ensure compliance with all industry standards such as EMV and PCI and our dedicated Executives apply industry leading hardware and software to secure our ATM estate.

The risk and regulatory practices


  • Anti-money laundering laws (AML)
  • Prevention of organised crime (POCA)

From years of experience in the ATM industry, we have found that adopting a pro-active approach

and being vigilant certainly makes a huge impact in preventing any incidences from occurring.


  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are in place and regularly stress tested
  • PCI v3.1 Attestation of Compliance obtained for past 3 years
  • SABRIC, BankServ, ATMIA and SARB best practices adhered
  • PCI EPPs utilized
  • EMV Level 1, 2 & compliance; Visa and Mastercard network certifications obtained; All certificates are current
  • Assessment of material business risk areas and mitigations


  • Time delay locks
  • Dye stain solution
  • Roller shutters
  • Category 4 safe
  • ATM is extremely secure
  • Alarm standard fitment
  • Front- or rear-loading ATMs available
  • Keypad privacy covers utilized

Security measures we encourage you to take


It is worthwhile randomly testing that your alarm is working. Set your alarm off to see that your security company responds accordingly. This gives you peace of mind that your alarm is working and being monitored 24 hours a day.

Take note of any suspicious activity

If you feel that something is off, please contact your local SAPS office or contact NCR on 087 750 1000.

CCTV cameras

If your property is monitored by CCTV cameras, please check to see that the cameras are working and/or are being monitored as they should. Routine checks and servicing of the cameras is suggested. If you would like to install CCTV cameras, please contact NCR on 087 750 1000 and we will direct you to our accredited CCTV service providers.

Staff training

Share your security tips with your staff. They can also act as extra eyes and ears on the ground whilethey are on duty.

NCR employee & partner identification

Should a technician from NCR or a CIT service provider arrive at your premises:

  • Please request to see identification. NCR employees will have a NCR ID card.
  • CIT service providers must produce identification when requested. CIT service providers will be dressed in appropriate uniform and will be accompanied by security.

Please feel free to contact NCR if you would like to verify our technician’s details with us or the details of our CIT service provider.

Suspicious activities to be aware of:

  • Card Skimming
  • Card Cloning
  • Unusual behavior in the vicinity of the ATM