ATM products & services

Cash replenishment options available

Self-Cashed ATMs - You load it

How it works:
Recycle your cash takings through the ATM. All the cash dispensed yesterday is transferred to your bank account today.


  • Skip the queues at the bank - Using your cash to load the ATM means no wasted time standing in queues at your bank.
  • Save on cash deposit fees - The funds dispensed today are credited to your bank account tomorrow without any fees charged.
  • Earn a rebate per cash withdrawal - For every withdrawal, you receive a rebate NCR

CIT/ Fully-cashed ATMs - We load it

How it works:

Cash-in-transit firm takes care of the ATM loading.


  • Safety - Your staff have no access to the ATM or cash inside the machine.
  • Cash Availability -The ATM’s high demand time might not match the stores busy time. A fully-cashed ATM is always loaded.
  • Earn a rebate per cash withdrawal - For every withdrawal, you receive a rebate from NCR

ATM Services Range:


Lobby (Self-cashed)
Suitable for indoor locations, small footprint, free-standing, stand-alone unit. Cash is loaded by host site. Available during host trading hours.

Lobby (Fully-cashed)

Suitable for indoor locations, small footprint, free-standing, stand-alone unit. Larger graded safe than self-cashed unit. Serviced by CIT company internally. Available during host trading hours.

Through the wall

Through the wall – Inside (Self- or Fully-cashed)

Suitable for through the wall locations within host buildings, requires inside ATM room, postbox type installation. Suitable for retail, petroleum, transportation and shopping center installations. Serviced by CIT company externally or internally. Available during host trading hours or 24/7.

Through the wall – Outside (Fully cashed)

Suitable for stand-alone outdoor kiosk installations, does not require a host site or ATM room. Drop-down weatherized unit, pod-type installation that requires external electricity supply. Serviced by CIT company externally. Available 24/7. Suitable for petroleum forecourts, vacant spaces or parking bays.

Our experienced sales executives will help you choose which option best suits your business.

ATM Signage

ATM signage proudly advertises your ATM, attracting customers to your business to withdraw and spend money on your premises. Our signage is installed free of charge by our field technicians on the installation of your Spark ATM. Our site assessment will help us determine which branding best suits your business.

The Importance of Signage

Although we are moving more towards a world of digital advertising, brick-and-mortar businesses must still rely on physical signage to help bring customers through the door.

Key Benefits of hosting an ATM

  • Drive increased footfall and revenue
  • Latest white-label or bank- branded ATM hardware and software
  • Award-winning customer service available daily 07:00 - 22:00
  • Marketing material and ATM signage included for free
  • Provide convenient, secure cash to consumers
  • Over 120 new ATM installations per month
  • Increase access to cash in rural locations
  • 24/7 monitoring and daily reconciliation, settlement and dispute management
  • Active-active dual-redundant switch offering near 100% availability
  • Monitor your ATM in real time with SparkWeb on any device
  • Dedicated technicians, sales executives and account managers nationwide
  • Data analytics to ensure optimal site placement

Our Service: end-to-end ATM network

  • Transportation, installation & de-installation
  • Custodian training
  • Communication & gateway network
  • Insurance
  • Settlements
  • ATM Monitoring & alerts
  • Signage & branding
  • Transaction processing
  • Contact center
  • Preventative maintenance
  • First & second line maintenance
  • Consumables – paper, bulbs, etc
  • Reporting analysis
  • Selected CIT management
  • Cash forecast management
  • Merchant contracts  payments
  • ATM programming  commission
  • Hardware purchase & upgrades
  • Sales & site selection
  • CRM
  • Dispute resolution
  • Vendor/SLA management