Keep Your ATMs Compliant

and Secure: The Time to

Plan Your Windows 10 

Migration is Now

On the 14th January 2020, Microsoft® will end support for Windows® 7. Financial institutions need to start the upgrade to Windows 10 now.


NCR has collaborated with both Microsoft and Intel® to develop a single, clear strategy to ensure that the upgrade is as simple and seamless as possible.


NCR is positioned to provide full support to our global clients and help them realize their deployment goals. Our global Professional Services division is ready to help you plan and implement the upgrade. Windows 10 incorporates optimized security features to the ATM network that are not available in earlier versions. Together with upgraded security, Windows 10 also brings enhanced interactions to the ATM end-user experience.

What does Windows 7 end of support mean?

Microsoft will no longer provide security patches, updates or support for the Windows 7 OS. 


What are the potential risks of not moving to Windows 10?

  • Reputational risk through security vulnerabilities.
  • No more security patches – i.e. potential exposure to cyber attack.
  • Additional upgrade patches will no longer be issued.
  • Non-compliance with PCI could result in fines.

What do I need to do?

January 2020 may seem like a long way away, but it isn’t. Connect with NCR now and together we can start building your Windows 10 migration plan.

Be Ready. Be Secure. Be Compliant.

Start Your Migration Plan Today


Windows 10 migrations can take up to 18 months with hardware, software and services upgrades. So we recommend starting your migration now to enhance your business strategy and take advantage of exciting new capabilities. And we’ll modernize your ATMs to support multichannel engagement and branch transformations. Email or call 1-800-Call-NCR to get started.



Microsoft and NCR have enjoyed a longstanding partnership and we’re excited to see them bring their new Windows 10 IoT powered ATMs to market. Financial institutions see the value in the Windows 10-powered ATMs as they provide the security, compliance and confidence to meet their needs.

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