Airport Digital Marketing

Marketers in every industry are embracing new delivery models with lightning speed, and the

travel industry is no exception. Airports have evolved beyond traditional print, signage and

audio—moving rapidly toward digital marketing. This is the now and future of marketing. Ready

to get on board?


People are always on the lookout for a great deal—and offers that make their trips more

rewarding. With NCR, your messaging can stay with travelers as they move from one terminal

to the next, and at every point along the way. They’ll see more of what they want and you’ll

watch revenue grow. And it’s beautifully simple:


Deliver marketing messages via various channels – mobile, web, signage and kiosks


  • Integrate your marketing with retail and hospitality systems
  • Reinforce your brand and make it easy for travelers to respond to offers
  • Create relevant, personal service based on the traveler’s personal preferences

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