The days of just passing through the airport to catch a connecting flight are long past. From Atlanta to Athens, travelers have more time than ever on their hands. For them, an airport isn’t simply a travel departure point where they must endure long check-in and security lines, it’s a great place to shop, dine, and even see an art exhibit.


NCR Wayfinding can help deliver an exceptional consumer experience by ensuring travelers are easily able to find their way through an airport terminal, whatever their destination may be. An interactive, self-service navigation solution, NCR Wayfinding keeps people on the right path, regardless of whether they’re racing the clock to reach their connecting flight, or searching for the perfect souvenir at a duty-free shop.


NCR Wayfinding is a purpose-built platform designed specifically for the needs of modern airports – fully integrated to an airport’s operational database to ensure the most up-to-date flight and gate information for passengers.


Much more than a directory kiosk with signage, the NCR Wayfinding platform leverages NCR’s leadership in consumer transaction technology to provide a self-service solution that’s fast, efficient, and easy to use for passengers of all kinds. In fact, NCR solutions power more than 300 million consumer transactions around the world each day.

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