Mobile Solutions

NCR can help you implement an integrated, seamless mobile strategy. One that drives retail and concessions, improves passenger flow throughout the terminal, and delivers a consistent brand experience across all channels. Each day, we process more than 700 million consumer transactions. NCR is opening up the experience window beyond just scanning a barcode at an entry turnstile or a checkpoint; we’re enabling travel service providers to really stay in communication with customers throughout their entire travel experience.


Check out the benefits of our mobile solutions:


Improved customer experience
We offer an engaging and simple interface, ensuring your customers get the information they need to navigate even the busiest of airports.


Easier management and deployment
Whether you purchase our complete solution or a particular component, we make it easy for you to deploy and manage NCR Mobile within your existing infrastructure, saving time and money.


Increased mobile sales
Right-time, right-place mobile offers can help drive profitable ancillary purchases.


Enhanced functionality
We deliver solutions that offer faster deployment, easier manageability and additional cross-product functionality all from one platform: that’s powerful.


Reliability and support
Every mobile transaction is handled over our high-security, high-availability data center. With over 99% availability and 24/7 oversight by NCR’s highly trained operations and support staff, you can rest easy.

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