Digital Signage

You can see it now. Travelers who’ve just arrived at your airport and realize they have time—a lot of time—before they board. Maybe they take a seat and surf the web on their mobiles. They might start pacing. Get impatient. Unless? You give them a better way to make the most of these moments.


Enter NCR digital signage, an easy way to give travelers offers, advertisements and airport information they care about. Their experience gets better – and so do your revenues.


Spend less time managing, more time growing – We can provide the software, hardware and services you need for digital signage and more – saving you the time and hassle of managing multiple vendors.


Improve experiences while increasing non-aeronautical revenues – Update your digital signage whenever you like, whether featuring a new restaurant’s special offer or driving more travelers to a specific retail store. That’s the kind of flexibility that also helps attract desirable concessionaire brands to your airport.


Stay up-to-date with better uptime and availability – We’ll provide maintenance options that work around your schedule while protecting you from unforeseen technical issues.

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