Passenger Reaccomodation

No one likes to see travelers’ expressions when they hear the news: your flight is delayed. Maybe even cancelled. But with NCR technology, your airline can help passengers easily make new plans, give them coupons for perks and remove stress from the situation. And that’s the kind of agility that keeps them coming back.


With NCR’s reaccommodation solutions, your airline can offer improved experiences, even under trying conditions. And our 24/7 global service offering keeps everyone on task and on time, with fast access to hardware and software support.


We can help you:


  • Reduce costs and ease pressure on staff with self-service reaccommodation and automated food and drink voucher/coupon systems.
  • Turn potentially negative situations into opportunities – quick and simple rebooking decreases anxiety and gives passengers a positive experience they may talk – and tweet – about.
  • Stay up-to-date with better uptime and availability. We’ll provide maintenance options that work around your schedule while protecting you from unforeseen technical issues.

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