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Whether your passengers are planning a long anticipated beach vacation or booking a last minute business trip, the prospect of flying doesn’t have to be synonymous with stress, long lines and a mad dash to the boarding gate.


Most travelers today are increasingly online and mobile, looking for ways to shave time off the travel process while making the most of the hours spent in a terminal or cabin.


More and more people are booking travel online with mobile devices. Atmosphere Research Group predicts half of all online direct bookings by 2017 will be made this way. And once at the airport, more than seven in 10 travelers would book an alternate flight using their smartphone or kiosk if a flight is cancelled.


NCR gets it. We were one of the first to offer mobile barcoded boarding passes, and have continued to introduce solutions that make everyday travel easier.



  • Mobile Pass – a secure, IATA compliant, fully optimized and branded barcoded boarding pass that can be dynamically updated so passengers have all the latest travel information on their device.
  • Mobile Wallet – a branded mobile application that resides within your airline’s mobile application – allowing you to store, organize and retrieve mobile boarding passes, coupons and vouchers.
  • Mobile Coupon/Voucher – a fully branded, optimized and secure barcoded coupon/voucher that you can send directly to your customer’s mobile device anyway you want.

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