Telecom Storefront Solutions

NCR Telecom Storefront provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to enable your next generation retail store experience. Supporting the Telecom Storefront portfolio is NCR’s Customer Experience Consulting where NCR applies our proven, multi-industry, holistic approach to analyze your store operations from both a process and technology perspective. The outcome of this engagement is a plan to help you realize next-generation productivity gains and deliver an enhanced customer experience.


Telecom Storefront Solutions:


  • NCR Bill Payment & Customer Service Kiosks
  • Q-nomy Q-Flow Customer Management Solution
  • NCR NetKey Virtual Storefront and Digital Signage Solution
  • Customer Experience Consulting
  • Improve the in-store customer experience with an easy-to-use self-service device that supports multiple tender options
  • Redeploy store personnel to service higher value activity, driving increased store revenue
  • Customers have seen up to a 40% decrease in transaction times after installing payment kiosks
  • Integrated suite enables product purchasing, plan management, provisioning and activation management
  • Inherently omni-channel, support for online, fixed POS, and mobile
  • Support for assisted selling, clienteling, loyalty, promotions and customer orders.

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