Telecom Storefront Solutions

Reimagine your in-store experience and keep customers coming back for more

We’ll help you create a superior digital self-service experience to empower your next-generation retail store customer.

When a customer enters your mobile retail store store, they’re already excited about the sleek, modern devices around them. But what happens next? Does the retail experience match their expectations? Can they use the latest self-service kiosks to handle tasks like ordering accessories or paying a bill? Do they see personalized offers and information that speak to them? Is the whole experience fast and easy? 

By partnering with NCR, you’ll always know the answer is “yes.”

Draw attention to what’s most important to your business to help influence customer decisions.

  • Provide an easy-to-use, scalable platform that can be efficiently managed by any employee
  • Create and deploy new content in just a few minutes without any IT support
  • Manage geographically dispersed sites from a single workstation
  • Reduce shipping, printing and labor costs related to static signage

Superior self-service solutions for all shapes and sizes of telecom environments:

  • Improve in-store customer experience with easy-to-use kiosks that support multiple tender options
  • Redeploy store personnel to service higher value activity, driving increased store revenue

Customer Story

Sprint improved their customer experience through a customized bill pay application that enables higher volume control for their store personnel, increasing overall productivity.

Starts with a clear understanding of your existing consumer experience as well as key business and operational requirements.

  • Understanding: We assess your current customer experience against consumer demand and market expectations to understand the customer’s point of view
  • Conceptual Design: Designers balance business and technical requirements to create a conceptual design – an “experience blueprint” for your future stores
  • Design Development: Prototypes will bring your store-of-the-future to life

Why use NCR Telecom Storefront Solutions?

Your Telecom Storefront, made simple — end-to-end. Get started now.