Today’s enterprises need a variety of wireless solutions to address access, security, capacity and coverage requirements. The NCR Wireless Services portfolio provides solutions to enable customers and employees with easy access to tools and information – wherever they are. Partnering with industry leading OEMs, our solutions include the professional, field and remote management services needed to confidently deploy a next generation Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE or small cell solution. Targeted solutions include:


  • Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions enabling both employer provided connectivity and BYOD devices, while also providing stringent security and remote mobile device management to protect corporate data
  • Retail Wi-Fi Solutions creating a flexible architecture for managed access control for customers and employees while providing the management capabilities to support bandwidth fluctuations
  • IoT Solutions deliver connectivity and intelligence to physical objects at the edge with remote device management and analytics for real-time response on data captured
  • 4G/LTE WAN Solutions leveraging cellular technology to provide connectivity in traditional and non-traditional locations as well as cost effective business continuity, remote access, and backup solutions

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