Keeping your network flexible, available and secure

Accelerate your digital transformation with NCR’s network, infrastructure and cabling solutions


Increase your network’s availability with a structured cable infrastructure that is flexible and scalable to your business needs. NCR’s network, infrastructure and cabling solutions deliver the following benefits:

  • Migrate to high-speed network solutions without changing your existing infrastructure
  • Enable real-time, proactive monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure
  • Meet your green building objectives with network solutions that help you reduce energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly, long-lasting cabling materials
  • Upgrade your existing enterprise facilities with fiber optics solutions
  • Experience end-to-end network and facilities projects for your workplace or datacenter with project management support for all implementations
Transform your network infrastructure with NCR’s IT services and cabling solutions

Get to know NCR Telecom & Technology Network Infrastructure Solutions.

Through a powerful combination of broad geographic reach, technical prowess, and operational agility, NCR is uniquely qualified to help you maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic and highly competitive global marketplace.



Solutions for operations that require high availability, scalability, standardization, support to multiple applications, modularity and integration

  • Comprehensive solutions for point-to-point cabling and network
  • Highly qualified certified teams experienced in development and installation, including technical feasibility analysis, staging, as-built documentation and certifications
  • Multivendor capabilities from one trusted partner
  • Consistent, high quality global and local service as well as logistical capacity that enable storage, transport and inventory, optimizing the installation, uninstalling and relocation processes

Structured Cabling

Services to support the fundamental base for a successful network design

Services range from completing the design of structured cabling and backbone, with solutions in copper and fiber, to implementation and maintenance with precision and high-level finish

  • Experts can assist in the design of racks to concentrate the equipment, cables and connections according to your needs, including the creation of corridors for better air flow and temperature control—aspects that affect the performance of your network
  • Experienced and certified teams providing accurate and reliable installation
  • Network cabling solutions to support your IoT infrastructure

Data Center

Solutions and services for the heart of your network infrastructure

With your success in mind, our committed professionals will work to meet your business needs and demands, ensuring highly available and reliable solutions.

  • Expert technicians, proficient and certified in TIA-942 standard
  • Quality consulting to ensure success in your data center project
  • Dedicated teams with data center support experience and project management practices


Experience and expertise

We’ve developed expertise and practical experience in technologies and practices to design, deploy, maintain and manage your projects.


As a premier services provider, we know how important it is to deliver service. We are your one-stop-shop for all your data center, infrastructure and cabling structure projects

Speed & agility

We take pride in our ability to move quickly, and to shift on short notice, to meet your most critical needs to transform your existing network structures.

Global reach

We believe how well we serve you is as important as where we serve you.


One service partner for all your network infrastructure needs, including:
  • Project management
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Multivendor solutions experience


Let NCR take care of your infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters most— running your business. We can manage your entire network infrastructure with our team of experts.

Cabling contract management: Installation, relocation and maintenance

With extensive experience in complex projects, NCR can fully manage your contracts with cabling vendors, including mediating and managing deadlines to ensure the progress of projects is on time and meet quality expectations.

We also have our own team ready to act in large cabling projects throughout the national territory, providing logical point installation services, relocation, removal and maintenance in commercial, industrial or other critical environments.

Structured Cabling and Optical Management

We offer management solutions for structured and optic cabling, design, solution installation, systems maintenance, migration, support and data inputs. NCR’s professionals are trained and certified by several cabling manufacturers, providing high-performance to meet your demands.

Preparation of As-Built Documentation

NCR provides project design and as-built documentation of deployed solutions, with technical assistance on the field, and delivery of all documentation in accordance with the installation in various formats and models; with Autocad projects, rack bay faces, “spreadsheet,” solution identification, referral and routes of installation and nomenclature of equipment.