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Canadian Suppliers with NCR iSupplier Portal login with access to Canadian Purchase Orders.  


Effective Monday February 11th,  the following changes will take effect in iSP:  Tax Entry Changes for PO's Created on or after Feb 11, 2013


All tax options are visible


You will now be able to enter multiple taxes on separate lines.  Suppliers will see all the taxes available for Canada and be able to enter a tax amount       next to one or several of them based on what needs to be billed to NCR based on that specific purchase order / invoice. This is a great feature for     invoices that contain multiple Canadian provincial and federal taxes on one invoice.


Ability to Enter the Tax Amount


Suppliers will be directed to enter the $ amount of tax directly onto the tax lines in iSP rather than relying on a tax rate to calculate the percentage automatically.  You will still to have the ability to enter the tax rate (which will then compute the tax amount for you), however, we believe that providing you the ability to enter the tax amount provides greater ease especially for invoices that contain multiple, layered Canadian taxes. All amounts by    default are set to zero so that if an invoice is tax exempt, the supplier does not have to do any additional entry.


Please note that you will have to continue to "calculate", "recalculate" in order for iSP to display your final total taxes and final total invoice.


*Purchase orders created before this date will have to be invoiced as previously done because the existing tax codes could not be updated.


Attach an Invoice (Applies to ALL PO's before or after Feb 11, 2013)


In order to meet NCR and Government tax audit requirements, it will now be MANDATORY to add a legible, complete and correct invoice image as an attachment into iSP. The image MUST be in PDF, Word or TIF (or other generally accepted scanned) format. Invoice submission cannot be completed without the image being added.


Download the 


 Invoice Image Requirements iSP document in PDF format. It has the details of what information must be visible in the invoice image. 


WebEx training video. This video provides you with detailed instructions regarding the new tax entry process, how to upload a copy of your invoice image in the portal and to complete the invoice submission process.


Should you have any questions or issues, please contact the iSupplier Portal Team.


We thank you again for your continued cooperation.