Venue Third Party Integration

NCR provides a series of venue third party software tools, including NCR SQL POS Connect, which enable business owners to maximize POS terminal and vendor software capabilities. The NCR SQL POS Connect solution allows you to configure POS terminal functionality from a single application, streamlining business operations and increasing responsiveness. Use NCR SQL POS Connect to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions and scale with new business opportunities. You can:


  • Support the most complex buying rules with advanced functionality that handles critical buying requirements such as mix-and-match purchases, promotions, upsizing and more.
  • Streamline POS terminal management with the ability to make changes to all of your terminals from just one application, helping you roll out new business rules swiftly and easily. NCR SQL POS Connect integrates with approved third-party software packages, increasing the usability of POS hardware.
  • Enhance your pricing capabilities with support for up to 50 price levels, automatic rollouts of specials and pricing changes, and foreign currency and exchange rate recognition.






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