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Whether you run an indoor basketball stadium, an outdoor football arena or a large concert hall, you need a point of sale solution that handles high volume traffic, so you can focus on getting your guests back to their seats. NCR’s point of sale solution is designed specifically for large venues and stadiums with speed, flexibility and high performance in mind. With a variety of hardware options and an easy-to-use software program, you can keep your operations running smoothly while delivering an exceptional fan experience.

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Our hardware portfolio includes a mix of products designed to meet the needs of all types of large venues. From hybrid touchscreen and keypad terminals to built-for-purpose handheld devices, our hardware is engineered and manufactured with the highest levels of reliability and durability. Benefits include:

  • Reduced energy costs with eco-friendly devices that use the least power of any integrated POS on the market.
  • Operational continuity with battery backup that ensures your staff can continue to assist customers if there is a power loss.
  • Freedom to move devices anywhere using our hardware’s wireless and portable capabilities.
  • Elimination of the risk of viruses and the need for virus protection software by using our fit-for-purpose technology that provides significant advantages over commercial operating systems.

Touchscreen and Membrane Keypad POS Terminal

This innovative POS terminal combines a hybrid touchscreen and membrane keypad in a single unit. Staff can use the unit’s touchscreen or durable 76-key membrane pad to enter orders rapidly. The bright 7 inch display is highly responsive to a user’s touch, even one from a gloved hand.

 Q1515 POS Terminal

This 15-inch touchscreen POS terminal has been designed specifically for the premium areas within large venues. Our terminals support an unprecedented level of system redundancy, allowing sales to be generated and a full electronic journal stored even if the network communication or back office is down throughout your entire event.

T1000 POS Terminal

Our T1000 POS Terminal has the perfect mix of ergonomics, speed and reliability. Leveraging our history of delivering robust, dependable POS terminals, we’ve created the T1000 with a new modern, sleek design, smaller footprint and all-in-one form factor. The terminal includes a 10.1” projected capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch functionality, Android operating system and the capability to add printers and customer displays.

NCR Walkabout Handheld POS

Take orders and process payment from anywhere in your venue with our handheld devices that have a highly reliable RF range and provide up to 10 hours of battery life.


Our comprehensive POS software platform can be used in any area of your venue, including restaurants, bars, concession stands, in-seat service, suites, retail and merchandising. Our POS software gives your employees a boost in virtually every service environment. Whether they’re ordering and delivering special-order cuisine up in a VIP suite, generating orders in the front row on the latest handheld device, or buzzing customers through concessions and merchandise stands; we make it easy. Employees love how simply and quickly they can take, deliver and transact orders. Benefits include:

  • Delivery of fast, consistent and convenient service that wins fans and increases their spending with 1.5 second credit card transactions, integrated scanners and RFID readers.
  • Ability to add to your system with loaded ticket and loyalty functionality that entices fans and rewards your best customers.
  • Untethered technology with the freedom to use our POS solution on fixed, portable and handheld devices that help you serve your guests anywhere in or outside your venue.