Mobile Engagement

Leverage multiple facets of our solution to enable mobile ticketing, ordering, payment, promotions and social sharing.


This gives your guests a “pocket POS” and gives them full connectivity into your operations, enabling them to do things their way and get the best experience.

Product Summary


NCR Mobile Ticket provides customers with ticketing convenience, efficiency and versatility.


NCR’s patented Mobile Ticket technology replaces traditional paper tickets for admission and enhances the event experience by enabling customers to access their ticket information using any mobile device.


Expedite customer processing - Maximize efficiency and convenience by encouraging selfservice and allowing customers to receive their tickets on their mobile devices from virtually anywhere. Following purchase, customers receive an NCR Mobile Ticket containing a fully optimized, digitally signed and encrypted two-dimensional (2D) barcode that is compatible with image-based scanners.


Improve consumer convenience - Ticket holders don’t always have convenient or free access to a printer. Providing a mobile ticket offers the customer one less step in the event experience. Customers are able to bypass ticket purchase lines and head straight to the venue doors where their NCR Mobile Ticket barcodes are scanned and validated.


Environmentally friendly - NCR Mobile Ticket enables a reduction in traditional paper ticketing and is a positive step in minimizing the impact on the environment.


Optimize your marketing - Maximize revenues by up selling to ticket holders when they are most likely to buy and leverage your existing advertising investment with Mobile Ticket ad injection. By working with NCR’s APTRA eMarketing solution or third party providers, ad injection allows you to: choose where content is displayed; control its position as you scroll through the ticket; and define its type e.g. click-thru or static.


Reliable Mobile Ticket Delivery - Reliable Mobile Ticket delivery is ensured with NCR’s state of-the-art Cloud Services. These secure data facilities have been designed and built specifically to deliver enterpriselevel protection for your data transactions. High availability is maintained with redundant hardware, dual Tier 1 ISP providers and automatic failover backed by a comprehensive disaster recovery facility. NCR’s dedication to quality, availability and security is the backbone of our mobile solutions, enabling you to retain and grow your valued customer base.


Optimize your consumer’s experience - with NCR Services When you partner with NCR, you also gain access to our world class professional services team for the development and integration of mobile solutions. Our consultants apply best practices and consumer insights to tailor and implement mobile solutions based on your operational requirements for increased business value, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.


Key Features


  • SMS web link, email web link, in app, and passbook delivery options
  • Ad injection capabilities
  • Patented, fully optimized 2D barcodes compatible with over 10,000 mobile devices
  • Distributed across 600 mobile networks in 150 countries
  • Open API architecture to seamlessly connect to web, kiosk or mobile
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Readable by image-based scanners and ticket readers
  • NCR Professional Services tailor mobile solutions according to your needs