Mobile Engagement

Leverage multiple facets of our solution to enable mobile ticketing, ordering, payment, promotions and social sharing.

This gives your guests a “pocket POS” and gives them full connectivity into your operations, enabling them to do things their way and get the best experience.

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Mobile Ticketing

NCR works with several different ticketing companies to provide mobile ticketing capabilities. Our patented technology replaces traditional paper tickets for admission and enhances the event experience by letting guests receive and redeem their tickets on their mobile device.

  • Expedite customer processing by handling the transaction via mobile technology.
  • Improve customer convenience by enabling them to bypass the line and head straight to the gate.
  • Drive additional revenue with ad injection and targeted marketing.

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Mobile Ordering and Payment

Give your fans the convenience of ordering ahead from their phone, without the interruptions of waiting in line and missing the game. With our solution, your guests can see all menus in the stadium, place their order and pay directly from their phone with secure and user-friendly options including credit card payment and PayPal. After this process is completed, guests are also notified by SMS message when their food is ready for pickup at a location specified in the message. With this solution, you can:

  • Speed up operations by having less fans in line.
  • Improve order accuracy with more staff focused on food preparation and customer service.
  • Reduce congestion at the counter, creating a less stressful environment for both the fans and your staff.