Loyalty and Loaded Tickets

It starts before your fans arrive. NCR works with popular ticket vendors to offer the ability to pre-load tickets with cash value, reducing the risk of carrying cash or credit cards.   Give customers the ability to use these loaded tickets at any location in the venue. They’re great for gifting, worry-free chaperoning and enhancing the fan experience. You can also use our Loyalty solution or our Loyalty API that enables you to integrate our solution with the loyalty program of your choice. With these solutions, you can:


  • Improve the customer experience by making spending easy and fun, enabling your fans to add cash value directly to printed or mobile tickets. Offer incentives to fans to increase team affinity while growing your season ticket base.
  • Gain competitive advantage for those less ardent fans who may need rewards and incentives to return. Our marketing applications enable you to design and manage loyalty programs that help you identify your best fans and motivate others to take action.
  • Leverage customer behavior insights to create targeted campaigns so you can set and execute personalized promotions and drive sales

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