NCR Silver for Small Business



NCR Silver was designed and built with the entrepreneurial spirit in mind, but is more than powerful enough to handle your multi-unit enterprises. Today and beyond, it’s about you and your business. Whether you’re looking to expand to new heights or just looking to wow your customers even more, we’ll make your goals our goals. Click here to learn more.



With NCR Silver, you can do more than just handle sales transactions! We offer:


  • A cloud based solution, check your back office anytime, from anywhere
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • The ability to train your employees in minutes, instead of hours
  • Retain quality talent and get back to growing your business
  • The capability to provision a new tablet to add to another station
  • Enjoy a consolidated view into multiple locations
  • Track inventory from one location to the next, as well as on your ecommerce platform
  • Make smarter decisions, backed by better data
  • Increase customer loyalty and boost profits


While some vendors make technology deployment a tedious process, NCR Silver has worked with us from day one to ensure we gain the most from our investment.