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You know where you want to go. Whether you run one location or many, NCR Silver can get you there.

Experience is everything.

Time? We can all use more if it. Especially when charged with serving up exceptional products, services or experiences, all while making sure everything is running smoothly and profitably. Who has the energy for all that? Well, you do—once you have the right technology and support in place. And that’s where we come in.  

Our small business POS software, including NCR Silver along with NCR Counterpoint, helps you track sales, market to customers and manage it all on the go. So no matter what you specialize in or how fast you grow, we’ll give you the right kind of SMB systems and support. Every day, and everywhere you do business.

Customer Story

For the Deserted Cafe in the U.K., NCR Silver helped owner Esme Carr transform “chaos” into a much easier business, saving her time and effort: “Everything’s in one place,” Esme said. “I can even work from my phone.”

Save time

Whether you’re looking to spend more time with your customers, less time understanding your business metrics or just get to your niece’s baseball game, NCR can help you find more time in your day.

Improve profitability

Things like understanding which items are truly your most profitable, or how much labor you’ll really need next week, can mean the difference between getting by and really succeeding. Solutions from NCR Small Business make these tasks easier, helping you crush your business goals.

Customer Story

For Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue Craftory, NCR Silver is the key to selling more, getting “customers through the line faster than the kitchen can deal with them.”

Customer Story

​​Honeysuckle Gelato chose NCR Silver to help them expand from a single store to a growing enterprise.

Crush your business goals

Looking to open another store next year? Maybe you’re planning on sharing your business by franchising. Or maybe you just want to ensure you are as profitable as possible.  Whatever your goals, we can help you get there faster and more easily.

This growing brand is powered by NCR Small Business Solutions. Shouldn't you be?

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“Setting up to sell product, food and retail items couldn’t have been easier.”

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