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À la carte hardware options – from a wireless countertop printer to a scale – improve your experience with NCR Silver.


EMV Reader and Stand $299


With NCR Silver EMV chip technology, you can accept magnetic stripe and chip cards and be ready for services such as Apple Pay. Reader and stand can also be sold separately. Available in black and white.

Credit Card Swiper $79


Use your tablet and the NCR Silver credit card reader to safely take payments anywhere. This magnetic stripe device reads cards, the first time, every time. Adapters for different iPads available.

iPad Swivel Stand $99


Create a stationary POS system with the NCR Silver swivel stand. Fully magnetic, the iPad stand securely attaches to a cash drawer, and rotates 360 degrees to face you or the customer. Available in black and white.

Cash Drawer $109


Pair your NCR Silver tablet POS with a high-security cash drawer. The 5-slot removable till utilizes only one cable to make it pop and features solid latch mechanisms.

Countertop Printer $285


Upgrade your POS system with the NCR Silver wireless printer. Attach multiple printers to one device. Thanks to iPad mobility, you can route orders to the printer wirelessly.

Kitchen Printer $285


NCR Silver Pro Restaurant user? You can send orders to your kitchen staff via this "impact" printer, which makes an audible noise to be heard in loud environments. Best of all, this printer is not affected by heat.

NCR 30-Pound Scale $599


This scale for NCR Silver Pro Restaurant has two displays and a 12.5 inch weighing surface. It's perfect for grocers and other retailers. Available for pre-order. Certifications may vary.

Mettler Toledo Ariva-S $1,049


This integrated scale is accurate up to .07 ounces and has optional customer displays. Thanks to efficient checkouts, this scale will get them in -- and out -- faster. Works with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant. Fully certified.

NCR Silver Scanner $269


Expand the power of NCR Silver on iPad with the barcode scanner. Wirelessly connect to speed up checkouts, and accurately report inventory at the item level.

Silver Regist Scanner $149


Are you a Silver Register user? Save time with the Silver Register barcode scanner. The lightweight solution features plug-and-play connectivity, a sleek ergonomic design and a high-performance 1D laser.

NCR Silver Cling Stand $190


Designed with a modern aesthetic, the NCR Silver Cling stand offers a locking mechanism to keep your tablet secure and can be screwed or adhered to a counter. Available in black or arctic white.

NCR Silver Hover Stand $99


The Hover stand secures an iPad with durable adhesive and offers a key lock for security. Super light but strong, this stand offers a simple solution to display an iPad. Available in black or arctic white.

iOS Bundle Package


Learn more about NCR Silver bundle packages for iOS devices. Our bundle packages include an iPad stand, card swiper, countertop printer and cash drawer.