iOS Devices



Transform your iPad into a Complete POS System


With NCR Silver, your existing Apple iOS device can get you taking transactions and running your business in no time. 

Save money on hardware


Since NCR Silver works on iOS tablets and smartphones, your hardware investment will only be in equipment such as a printer.

Get running quickly


Chances are, your employees have used an iPad and are already halfway there to learning the intuitive NCR Silver POS system.

Go mobile, bust lines


Add an additional iPad, come out from behind the counter and take transactions on the floor — or in the streets — with NCR Silver.

"NCR Silver not only helps us with line busting due to full iPad mobility, but it also helps us make better business decisions."



Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen, Atlanta



Apple + NCR Silver = Powerful Simplicity



Whether or not you take transactions on the floor, NCR Silver and iOS intuitiveness will floor you.

  • Enjoy automatic iOS app updates and constant improvements.


  • Secure your iPad to a stunning — and sturdy — NCR Silver tablet stand in black or white.


  • Easily connect a card reader to the iPad or iPhone charge port.
  • Adding peripherals such as printers, scanners and scales is a cinch.


  • Add more devices, as NCR Silver can handle multiple tablets or smartphones.


  • Access reports and make changes from anywhere, thanks to the cloud.



Choosing Additional Hardware is Never Hard

  • Instead of a traditional card swiper, you can opt for an EMV chip card reader for an additional fee.


  • Wirelessly connect your iOS bundle to a barcode scanner to speed up checkouts and report inventory at the item level.
  • Several different iPad stand styles to choose from.



iOS is Only Part of the NCR Silver Family



Additional hardware, apps, and add-ons offer you flexible choices.



If iOS isn't your bag, take a look at the NCR Silver Quantum. You can also choose from a wide range of peripherals.

NCR Silver Apps


Choose which POS app is best for your business. While NCR Silver is great for many merchants, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition was built for restauranteurs.


Add-On Services


Supercharge your point-of-sale experience with the optional Silver Console, as well as integrated accounting, payroll, and marketing add-ons.