NCR Small Business Affiliate Program

At NCR Small Business, we provide merchants and restaurateurs with an easy-to-use but powerful point of sale and business management technology that helps them reach their goals faster and easier. Our affiliate publishers have a similar goal: to provide their audience with the content and tools they need to be successful in their entrepreneurial efforts.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate publisher

  • Easy and free setup
  • Access digital advertisements
  • Tools to track success
  • Competitive compensation

How it works

1.     Apply to become an NCR Small Business publisher

2.     Get approved and gain access to digital advertising tools

3.     Place banners and advertisements on your website or blog

4.     Get compensated when someone clicks on your ads and completes a sale

What is the NCR Small Business Affiliate Program and how does it work?

The NCR Small Business Affiliate Program allows owners of websites and blogs to earn commission by adding advertisements to their site and referring NCR Silver solutions to their audience. If interested, you'll apply to become an affiliate with our network, Rakuten. Once approved, you'll be given the advertisements and banners to place on your site. Using tracking links, we'll be able to tell if someone clicked on your link and completed a purchase. When that happens, you'll earn a commission on the sale.  

Is my website or blog eligible for the NCR Small Business Affiliate Program?    

We look for publishers with content and expertise in the following relevant spaces: retail, entrepreneurship, small and medium business, technology and point of sale. Your website should have mainly United States-based viewership and should not contain inappropriate content. All publishers and websites are subject to the program's terms and conditions.

What is Rakuten?    

Rakuten is the affiliate network that provides the necessary technology to power the backend of our affiliate program.  Publishers who are joined to the NCR affiliate program within the Rakuten system can pull NCR's tracking links from the Rakuten platform and place them on their site.  Once someone clicks through to the NCR website and makes an eligible transaction, that transaction will then be tracked through Rakuten and paid out to the publisher through the Rakuten system.    

What if I already have an account with Rakuten?    

You can apply to the NCR affiliate program by either clicking on the Apply Now link above, or you can log in to your Rakuten account and apply through the Rakuten system.    

Are there any fees?    

There are no fees; it is completely free to join and participate in the NCR Small Business Affiliate Program. 

Is there an annual minimum threshold?    

There is no minimum sales threshold required to remain in the program.    


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