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Whether you’re hoping to keep good talent, better understand what items drive profitability, improve customer loyalty or even drive revenue in your sleep with an e-commerce site, those are our goals, too.

Know what's hot


Thanks to inventory management and sales reporting, your retail shop can see what's selling and what's not — from anywhere you get an Internet connection.

Get lines moving


Get out from behind the counter. You can bust lines, and take transactions on the road, with the freedom of your tablet or smartphone POS system.

Have a team


With live 24/7 customer support — via text, chat, email or phone — you always have people. A Silver Concierge agent can also manage your inventory monthly.

Run Multiple Stores? No Problem


Because NCR Silver is in the cloud, you can manage all of your locations from one convenient back office. That’s not the only silver lining, though.

Sales-per-employee tracking


See who sells what to help improve decision-making and reduce inventory shrinkage. 

Consolidated reporting


Track sales for all your locations near and far - in your store or from the comfort of your home.

Built-in marketing


Stay connected with your best customers with integrated emails, discounts and loyalty rewards.

Offline credit


Ring up sales even when the internet or your processor is down.



Meet the NCR Silver family.


Your store has a bounty of hardware, app, and add-on choices.



Use NCR Silver on an iOS device or on the NCR Silver Quantum. Also available: Wireless printer, EMV reader and more.

NCR Silver Apps


While NCR Silver works for a wide variety of merchants, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition offers advanced functionality for restaurateurs.


Add-On Services


Plan like a pro with Silver Console and supercharge your experience with accounting, payroll, marketing and other integrated add-on services.

"We found Silver to be the most compatible of the POS systems we looked at."



Vanessa Gochnour, Owner, NOOCH Vegan Market



Meet retail super star Nooch Vegan Market


Some retailers want to build a thriving business. Others do that and create a new niche.



NOOCH Vegan Market opened up shop in mid 2012, and by 2015 had seen enough success to require them to move to a new 1,600-square-foot market in Denver, just south of downtown. 


“We wanted to help cultivate a vegan scene in Denver,” says owner Vanessa Gochnour. “My original partner had a grocery background. I was working with a local boutique. We both had a vision: To sell all vegan products that can be sourced ethically and sustainably.”


To the uninitiated, the challenges of running an upscale vegan market aren’t what you think. Rather than the competition by bigger grocers, Gochnour battles her customer’s views on spending. “Some consumers seem to have no problem spending big money at a restaurant. But … spending money on groceries can be more about getting the best deals and keeping budgets in check.”


To combat this challenge, Nooch Vegan Market provides products that are difficult to get elsewhere. Think bee-free honey, dairy-free chocolate and vegan cheeses from small, newer companies.


But perhaps the biggest differentiator is the people. Gochnour’s staff has an above-average knowledge on the vegan lifestyle and gives “customers an experience they would never get in a large grocery store.”





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Because your role as a business owner never “sleeps,” neither does our Customer Care team. Your team has backup no matter what time of day or night they need it.

Your very own Concierge


Let our team get your back office set up and ready to roll. And we’ll even help each month to ensure your configuration is right for your business.


Continuing learning included


Whether you’re a self-paced learner or like to see step-by-step directions, we have resources at your disposal anytime you’re ready to learn more about your NCR Silver system’s capabilities!