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Your Ticket for Table Service


Split checks and offer happy hours with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition app. 

Optimize your staffing


Know when your servers are “in the weeds” and see how long tickets have been holding.

Know your restaurant better


 See how many sales have been missed and minimize comps with advanced reporting.

Never worry about downtime


With Offline Credit, you can take payments even when your Internet connection or processor is down.

Is Table Mapping on Your Menu?


NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition mirrors your table layout and synchs multiple tablets. What else is on the table?

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Happy hours


With Silver Pro Restaurant Edition, you can set automatic, event-based discounts.

Split Checks Icon Split Checks Icon Split Checks Icon

Split checks


Break up a check any number of ways, and put the customer in charge with flexible payment options.

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Run tabs


Offer more payment flexibility with NCR Silver's ability to run tabs - even over multiple other days.

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24/7 Customer support


Get monthly menu maintenance and questions answered - even after closing.



Meet the NCR Silver family.


Your store has a bounty of hardware, app, and add-on choices.



Your NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition app works on an iOS device or the NCR Silver Quantum. Also available: Wireless printer, EMV reader and more.

NCR Silver Apps


Maybe NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition offers more functionality than you need? You can also opt for the NCR Silver app, which appeals to a wide array of merchants.

Add-On Services


Supercharge your point-of-sale experience even more with Silver Console and choose integrated accounting, payroll and marketing add-on services.

"For a restaurant that's huge, you can lose a lot of money by not properly tracking over time. That feature has saved us thousands already."



Brent Reaves, Smokey John's BBQ 


The customer support from NCR Silver is amazing.

Robert Schiller, President and CEO, Zoyo Neighborhood Yougurt



Meet froyo super star Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt


This young–and growing–franchise attributes its success to its neighborhood feel



Since being founded in 2010, Arizona-based Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt has opened 21 stores in five states ranging from Michigan to Georgia. More are on the way, says President and CEO Robert Schiller. A catering expansion is also in the works. 


So, what does Schiller attribute the company’s fast success to?


For one, super high-quality ingredients, including non-traditional ones. But frozen yogurt competition has heated up in recent years. To thrive, it now takes a unique approach, in addition to a topnotch product and consistent execution, Schiller says. 


That’s why the company started treating its stores like gathering spots–akin to a coffee house. In addition, after research suggested that people tended to come to Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt to celebrate life’s events, big and small, the company started marketing a celebration theme.


Go Zoyo! 



NCR Small Business POS suite delivers!


Drive your business and reach your goals easier and faster





How much time could NCR Silver really save?


Here’s an example of the actual time savings experienced by one of our average customers





We’re here to help beyond software


24/7/365 Customer Success


Because your role as a business owner never “sleeps,” neither does our Customer Care team. Your team has backup no matter what time of day or night they need it.

Your very own Concierge


Let our team get your back office set up and ready to roll. And we’ll even help each month to ensure your configuration is right for your business.


Continuing learning included


Whether you’re a self-paced learner or like to see step-by-step directions, we have resources at your disposal anytime you’re ready to learn more about your NCR Silver system’s capabilities!