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Kathy Lovato, Owner Rebellion Arcade LLC, dba Starfighters Arcade



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Meet entertainment super star Starfighter Arcade


Finding success in reviving a unique experience. Others do that and create a new niche.



The Lovato family in Mesa, Arizona, is giving the classic video game a revival with Rebellion Arcade. Rebellion Arcade operates a membership-based club named Starfighters Arcade. Its mission is simple: With titles ranging from Centipede to Spy Hunter, the business aims to promote, preserve and protect the vintage arcade gaming genre for new generations to enjoy. 


So how does this arcade remain so relevant in a high-tech world? 


The business is built on game collectors who believe that playing vintage games is only suitable if played in an arcade. “We pooled our collections and formed this social club to allow everyone a chance to relive the magic of classic gaming.”


They drive their popularity further by offering over 130 video games and 32 pinball machines that are free to play at any time for their members. 


Making this business more about a community and membership has clearly been the reason for their huge success. 


Go Starfighters Arcade!


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