No matter your industry, NCR Silver can help you thrive.

We are helping customers in your industry thrive.

Whether you’re building the greatest custom cake empire ever seen, or helping people get the right footwear to improve their quality of life, NCR Silver can help you reach your goals.


Optimize your staffing – Know when your servers are “in the weeds” and see how long tickets have been holding.

Know your restaurant better – See how many sales have been missed and minimize comps with advanced reporting.

Never worry about downtime – with offline credit, you can take payments even when your Internet connection or processor is down.    

Remote visibility – our cloud-based platform allows you to easily view business performance, for one store or the entire enterprise, from anywhere at any time.

Actionable insights – the powerful data analytics and intuitive dashboard provide actionable insights to identify what’s working and what’s not.

Data security – Since its inception, NCR Silver platform has been designed to use the latest technologies to protect you and your customers’ data. 

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Accurate, geo-based taxes – NCR Silver takes the work out of tax calculations by setting up state as well as varying local taxes in the back office. 

Intuitive design – New employees get up and running faster, saving you costs and improving staff retention

Loyalty and email marketing – Easily create, run and manage reward programs.  Engage customers and prospects with targeted and customized email campaigns.

Know what’s hot – Thanks to inventory management and sales reporting, your retail shop can see what’s selling and what’s not – from anywhere you get an internet connection.

Increase customer retention – Keep customers coming back thanks to integrated loyalty and email marketing.

Employee management - Assign roles and track employee time with clock-in/clock-out, and empower your team with the ability to submit shift changes, review schedules and more.

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NCR Silver was designed to help small business thrive.

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