NCR Silver Industries



Built for Where You’re Going, and Beyond


Bust lines with mobile payments, enjoy intuitive sales reporting, offer seamless rewards, and let NCR Silver help you grow.

Train employees in no time


Almost everyone knows how to use a tablet. The NCR Silver app on iOS or Android is so intuitive, you may find that employees are using it with little or no training.

Get them coming back


Use multiple products to increase customer awareness and retention? Thanks to integrated loyalty and built-in email marketing, all you need is one: NCR Silver.

Make smarter business decisions


Want more insight? NCR Silver provides actionable data on what your employees are doing, how your inventory is moving, and what your customers are buying.

"With NCR Silver, accessing the back office from my iPad remotely is a huge time-saver. I can check sales, see if my employees are typing in emails, check on all recent activity and more, even when I’m not at the store."



Jarred Scanlon, New Orleans SnoBall Cafe, metro Atlanta





NCR Silver Comes With People, Too.


With the award-winning Silver Concierge service, you have powerful functionality, simple operation, and a full team behind you.

  • Enjoy industry-leading LIVE support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Let a Silver Concierge agent set up your POS system's back office.


  • Save time with monthly menu maintenance, which is fully included.


  • Have peace of mind, knowing that select equipment is supported if something goes wrong.


  • Ramp up your game with automatic NCR Silver updates.


  • Receive training on new features.



Do more business, quicker.


Everything you need to grow and strengthen your business effortlessly.

Inventory management


Know which items are your best sellers, and which ones aren't, to optimize your stock.

Employee management


Assign roles and track employee time with clock-in/clock-out features.

Multi-store functionality


Let NCR Silver grow with you, as it can handle as many sites as you can.

Consolidated reporting


Track sales and cash—for all locations—from anywhere.

Built for Big Aspirations

  • NCR Silver does not take a percentage of your transactions.
  • The award-winning Silver Concierge service is included.


  • Also included: Live support — any hour of the day, 365 days a year.


  • Choose optional add-ons such as Silver Console.


  • Want Android? NCR Silver is available on the NCR Silver Quantum Commerce Station



Have You Met the NCR Silver Family?


NCR Silver offers diverse hardware, app and add-on products for small businesses looking to grow.


Use NCR Silver on an iOS device or on the plug-and-play Android-based NCR Silver Register. Also available: Wireless printer, EMV reader and more.

NCR Silver Apps


NCR Silver packs a punch. But if you still need more, take a look at NCR Silver Restaurant Pro Edition, which offers unique functionality for restaurateurs.


Add-On Services


Supercharge your point-of-sale experience even more with Silver Console, or opt for accounting, payroll, and other fully-integrated add-ons.