Food Truck Point of Sale



NCR Silver is Ready for the Ride, Wherever You Roll.


Bust lines – and take names – by taking the point-of-sale transaction outside of your food truck

Process orders quicker


Enjoy seamless communications with the kitchen crew, thanks to wireless printing.

Don't worry about downtime


With Offline Credit, you can make transactions even if your Internet or processor goes down.

Make changes easier


Update pricing on the fly, on the road, as market conditions change to maximize profits.

You’re Going Places with Location-based Taxes


Thanks to automatic geographic settings, you can speed up transactions on your tablet. See other ways NCR Silver is built for the road:

Mobile Operations


With an iPad POS system, the confines of the truck won’t slow you down.

Event-based reporting


 Capture sales and product mixes by location and name for super-accurate data.

Facebook Integration


Let customers know where you are, right from your back office.

24/7 Customer support


Get help any hour of the day and monthly menu maintenance with our Concierge service.



Meet the NCR Silver family.


Your food truck has a bounty of hardware and software options.



Use NCR Silver on an iOS device or on the NCR Silver Quantum. Also available: Wireless printer, EMV reader and more.

NCR Silver Apps


Choose which app is best for your food truck: NCR Silver for a diverse array of merchants or NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition for restaurateurs.

Add-On Services


Supercharge your point-of-sale experience with Silver Console and choose integrated third-party add-on services that provide advanced functionality.

"Because I was opening a food truck, mobility was extremely important. I also didn’t want to invest a lot in technology because most of my money went into the actual truck. I found NCR Silver and I fell in love with it."



Ricardo Garcia, Puerta al Paraiso