Multi Location POS System



One View, Many Stores


NCR Silver is a complete payment, marketing, and management solution that handles multiple locations with ease



Run multiple sites


Enjoy complete command and control of all of your locations via a consolidated view or drill down to the smallest detail on each one.

Attract and retain more customers


Offer instant loyalty discounts, capture contact info at the point of sale and send offer emails from your back office -- via one site or all of them.

Don't worry about downtime


Take credit payments even when your Internet or card processor goes down and enjoy LIVE customer support, 24 hours a day.

Let us handle your inventory


The Silver Concierge team will help make sense of your data, and manage your inventory, so you can spend more time growing your business.



With this family, you're going places


NCR Silver offers diverse hardware, app and add-on tools to help your multi-location business grow even bigger



Your small business can use NCR Silver on an Apple iOS device or on the NCR Silver Quantum. Also available: Wireless printer, EMV reader and more.

NCR Silver Apps

While NCR Silver can handle many requirements for your small business, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition was built to handle the unique demands of restaurateurs.

Add On Services

Supercharge your single-location business with Silver Console and other integrated add-on services that provide accounting, payroll, mobile payments and other advanced functionality.



Twenty Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Choose NCR Silver



  • NCR Silver can grow with you -- from your first store to your 15th.
  • Make changes at the store or company level.
  • Communicate to employees at the POS system via NCR Silver messaging, directly from the back office.
  • Send emails from the back office for one or many stores.
  • Receive live tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Train employees quickly on the intuitive NCR Silver POS.
  • A Silver Concierge agent can set up your back office and help maintain it every month.
  • Enjoy hardware support with Silver Concierge.
  • Offer integrated loyalty, redeemable automatically.
  • Bust lines by taking payments on the floor with your tablet or smartphone.
  • As you add locations, NCR Silver can scale with you.
  • Select an inexpensive off-the-shelf tablet and turn it into a complete POS system.
  • Need to weigh items? NCR Silver offers scale integration.
  • Get some serious sales reporting, including activity snapshot comparisons.
  • Speed up transactions with auto display modifiers, tip prompts and more.
  • Select an inexpensive off-the-shelf tablet and turn it into a complete POS system.
  • You can choose your own card processor.
  • Unlike some other POS providers, NCR Silver does not take a percentage of your transaction.
  • Receive automatic release updates to your NCR Silver or NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition app.
  • Take credit transactions even when offline.
  • Powerful accounting, payroll, planning and marketing add ons are available to bolster your experience.
  • Know that you'll have 130-plus years of NCR know-how in your corner.

Ditch the Old Fashioned Loyalty Cards with NCR Silver

With integrated email marketing, sending updates and discounts to customers is now a breeze.



Your Small Business Has Big Business Tools


The NCR Silver family of products offers flexible, reliable and innovative choices for merchants looking to grow






Food Truck

Service Providers

Liquor Store

Vape Shops



Gift Shop


Single Location