Ease of use



Is An iPad POS System Easy To Use?


You won't break a sweat learning — or using — NCR Silver

It's An iOS App


You’ll instantly be familiar with the tablet point of sale if you’ve ever used an iPhone or iPad.

It's Tried And True


We've developed a user experience that never gets in the way of running your small business.

It's Intuitive


Inventory control, employee management and sales tracking are often learned in just one use.


"We’re frequently bringing young employees in, especially during the summer break, and we don’t even have to teach them how to use it."


Paul Caretsky, Montauk Juice Factory, Long Island, NY




Smart Design, Friendly Interface


You'll be up and running in no time on your NCR Silver iPad POS System

  • Use your own iPad or iPhone to download the software.
  • Get daily sales snapshots that are readily available.


  • Market to your customers without ever leaving the back office.
  • Have a Silver Concierge agent set up and maintain your inventory for you.
  • Pick a credit card processor, or use your existing one.




Everything You Need In One POS System


Take transactions in the store or on the sidewalk.

NCR Silver developers have tapped a century’s worth of retail, restaurant and service provider expertise to develop a solution that makes running your small business or franchise easier.


With an interface developed by NCR Corp. – the company that holds the patent on the first cash register – you can rest assured that your software is brilliantly designed with easy access to most common features.


You’ll likely find that your employees will need little training on NCR Silver, and that you will be using the point-of-sale back office in no time.



Have Any Questions About NCR Silver Or It's Ease Of Use?


These FAQs should help make your POS buying decision easier



How difficult is the point of sale setup?


Easy peasy — and easier than other POS systems, too. We can even set it up for you through our Concierge Service.

What customer payment options can I offer?


In addition to cash and credit, NCR Silver offers many integrated mobile payment options, including Apple Pay, LevelUp and bitcoin.

Can I send customer emails through NCR Silver?


Yes! You can easily send bulk emails, receipts, welcome promotions and more, thanks to customer list integration.

Does NCR Silver take a percentage of my transactions?


No! Unlike some other point-of-sale companies, NCR Silver only charges a subscription. While it may seem cheaper up front, transaction-based fees can cost far more than a subscription and offer far less value over time.