Cloud POS




What's Possible With A Cloud Point-Of-Sale System?



With your data in the cloud, your business has the functionality it needs to reach new heights



If your brick-and-mortar location or device is damaged, your data is safe, because it's stored remotely.



Track sales, add inventory, market to customers and more wherever you have an Internet connection.



Enable mobile transactions using your tablet POS system, from the counter to the floor and on the road.


"As an operations team, we can run numbers from one location or we can run numbers for the entire company, for each region, with different franchises. Throughout our brand, we can see the performance from a reporting standpoint every hour."


Melissa Diaz, Hot Dog on a Stick, Carlsbad, CA




Run Your Business Anywhere


The cloud enables time-saving benefits for your business.

  • Access valuable data remotely on any device.
  • Receive automatic updates in real time.


  • Keep employees in tune, no matter where they are.
  • Know your data is safe, even if your location is damaged.
  • Know your data is safe, even if your location is damaged.



"I now have the freedom to taake my iPad with me and update on the go."


Barbara Dansley, The Creative Wedge, Virginia Beach




Run Your Business Anywhere


The cloud enables time-saving benefits for your business.

Used to be, your business had a computer server on site.


Using consumer-grade off-the-shelf hardware, such as the iPad, as a POS device? Not likely. Accessing reports from the comfort of your own home? Not possible. Mobile transactions? Forget about it.


The cloud makes these limitations a thing of the past.



Have questions about iPad POS Systems or NCR Silver?


Choosing the right technology can be a challenge. We hope the decision

is made easier with FAQs.



What devices does NCR Silver work with?


NCR Silver apps work on Apple IOS 8 mobile devices, Apple IOS 9 mobile devices and the NCR Silver Quantum.

What else comes with my NCR Silver subscription?


Your app, 24/7 LIVE customer support, the Silver Concierge service, regular software updates, integrated loyalty, email marketing, inventory management and more.

Can I use more than one device?


The NCR Silver app is available for download from the Apple App Store, and activated following registration with NCR Silver. Register as many devices as you would like, and use any combination simultaneously.

What third party software works with NCR Silver?


We’re constantly working with the best software providers – from accounting to mobile payments – to offer your small business or franchise an all-in-one experience. To name just a few: Xero, QuickBooks, PassMarket, Paychex, LevelUp.



Getting started is easy!



We know your time is precious, so we’ve made getting started EASY!

Sign up online


Using your online shopping tool you can sign up for the system and purchase your hardware in minutes.

Meet your Concierge


Once you’re signed up, our NCR Silver Concierge Team will take over and help you get your system up so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

Unpack. Plug in. Go!


Once your hardware arrives, your back office is already set up so all you have to do is plug in, singn in and you’re ready to go!