Frequently Asked Questions

Buying NCR Silver Questions

What hardware is included with Silver?

Answer: It depends. Please reference the hardware configurations on the specific product detail page. 

Can I use any of my existing hardware?

Answer: NCR recommends using hardware purchased through NCR to make sure it’s compatible with Silver software.  You can purchase additional hardware by calling 1-877-630-9711.

Is there a warranty with the hardware?

Answer: Yes, you can read all about it here:

How long is the Silver contract/agreement?

Most contract bundles are 2-3 years.  Please check your cart for contract term length.

What happens after the Silver contract/agreement has ended?

Answer: Your account will be placed on a month to month subscription where you are not locked into any contract or agreement with NCR.

Is the Silver POS mobile or stationary?

Answer: The Silver iOS solution is used on an Apple iPad.  So, yes this can be used as a mobile POS or stationary POS.

Is there a cost for shipping?

Answer: We do offer free shipping bundles. Please check your cart to see if free shipping applies.

Is there a restocking fee within 30 days of cancellation?

Answer: No, but the subscription fee is nonrefundable

NCR Silver Support Questions

Who do I contact to help set up my system?

Answer: The NCR Silver Concierge Team is there to assist you with setting up your Silver hardware and software.  They can be reached at

Can I set up the system on my own?

Answer: Yes, we have a variety of self-help tools and documentation that can assist you getting set up on your own. Visit  and

What operating system should I be on to support the NCR Silver software?

Answer: We recommend that you are on the newest operating system of your iOS device to support the NCR Silver software, however, the NCR Silver software can run on an older version of the operating system if it’s only one release cycle back.

How to register device?

Answer: Device registration occurs when you have an open device slot available in your Back Office. To do this:

1. Log into the Back Office at

2. Click on your Name

3. Click on “My Account”

4. Click on “My Devices”

5. Check if you have open device slots.

NOTE: If more slots are needed, click the plus sign and add an additional device slot. Be advised, you may be charged more for the additional device. Please check your contract for rates.

After ensuring that open device slots are available. You will register your device be doing the following:

iOS device registration

1. Complete the start-up steps for your iOS device

2. Download the application – NCR Silver Essentials – for your iOS device.

3. Click on the application to launch

4. Enter the Username/Password used to enter the Back Office

5. Select the open deice slot

6. Once you see the PIN screen to log in, registration is complete

Who should I contact if something is going wrong with my system?

Answer: Please contact the Customer Care team by phone/text at 877-270-3475 or email at, or chat with customer support through NCR Silver Back Office.  Customer Care can help with troubleshooting assistance, hardware replacement and general inquiries.

What are User Roles with the Silver software?

Answer: User Roles allow the business owner to set user access permissions throughout the NCR Silver Essentials program. There are 5 preset user roles. Each can be adjusted by checking or un-checking the boxes below the user role title.

How do I add employees so they can access Silver?

Answer: In the Back Office (, click on the EMPLOYEE TAB, and click “ADD”

Did you have any other questions that weren’t answered in the above FAQ?

Answer: Try visiting our customer care portal where you can find more information about NCR Silver:    

NCR Silver Contact Information

Concierge Team:

For training and assistance with software, or help setting up your NCR Silver hardware, please email

Customer Support Team:

For troubleshooting assistance, hardware replacements or a general inquiry please visit our customer care page, or contact us by phone or email.

Phone: 1-877-270-3475   Email: