Silver Concierge Service




You've Got People


Silver Concierge is an industry-leading service that offers POS back office setup, inventory maintenance, training and more.


Save Time With Your Money


Maintaining your inventory can be a time-consuming proposition. Wouldn't you rather let a Silver Concierge agent do it for you?

Take Advantage Of New Features


NCR Silver is updated frequently with exciting features. A Silver Concierge agent will train you, so you can maximize your investment.

Get Your System Set Up Quicker


Unless you love setting up your POS system's back office yourself, a Silver Concierge agent will be happy to do it for you in a snap.



NCR Silver Is So Easy To Use, You May Never Want Help


But if you do, Silver Concierge and LIVE 24/7 support provide unmatched value to help your business grow


  • Get remote store setup with social media integration
  • Enjoy one hour of menu maitenance per month
  • Benefit from training on new features twice per year.
  • Get your POS system running smoothly the first time with free set up.
  • Coming soon: Advanced data analytics briefings!



Talk To A Real Person, Not A Recording


Call, email, IM or text any time of the day, any day of the year

In addition to the award-winning Silver Concierge service, you'll be able to speak to a live person when you have technical questions.


Beware of other "24/7" claims. With NCR Silver, you'll actually reach someone dedicated to solving your problem. They'll also help you with third-party add-ons.


They will never pass the buck.


Best of all, you can reach a live, U.S.-based agent however you choose -- by phone, email, online chat or even text.


About the only medium missing is carrier pigeon.



Still Have More Questions?


Get answers to common Silver Concierge and NCR Silver questions



Can I really call on a holiday if I have questions?


You'll enjoy tech support that literally never sleeps -- on Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, even Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ahoy!

What else comes with my NCR Silver subscription?


Mobile payments, integrated loyalty, built-in email marketing, employee and inventory management, regular software updates and much more.

Is Silver Concierge included in my NCR Silver subscription?


Yes. You will not pay extra for any of the services mentioned on this page.

How much NCR Silver Cost?


It starts at $79 per month. You can get NCR Silver with EMV service as low as $99 per month. NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition starts as low as $149 per month. Month-to-month subscriptions and additional devices may cost more.

What Hardware does NCR Silver work on?


NCR Silver apps work on iOS devices or on the NCR Silver Quantum.