Tablet POS changes the game!



Why choose a tablet POS like NCR Silver?


You already knew your table was great for entertainment. NCR Silver on a iPad can turn that same tablet into a complete point-of-sale system.

More than just POS


The NCR Silver POS system includes powerful tools to easily engage your customers, drive profitability and expand your business footprint.

It’s cloud based


Having your system available to you via the cloud means you can check in on your business or drive change from anywhere at any time.

Delight your customers


From line busting to mobile business options, NCR Silver’s tools help you meet and delight your customers wherever they are.



"I now have the freedom to take my iPad with me and update on the go."


Barbara Densley, The Creative Wedge, Virginia Beach






Benefits of having a cloud based system


Your NCR Silver complete tablet point-of-sale system does far more than just take payments

  • Know your business better with in-depth sales reports and easy to understand actionable insights.
  • Supercharge your business with built-in email marketing, your own website and mobility to expand your business outside your four walls.


  • Get customers coming back more frequently with integrated and seamless loyalty.
  • Reduce training time from hours to minutes thanks to our intuitive design and interface.
  • NCR Silver is designed to grow with you, thanks to low cost and effortless implementation backed by powerful multi-store management capabilities.




Getting started is easy!


We know your time is precious, so we’ve made getting started EASY!

Sign up online


Using our online shopping tool you can sign up for the system and purchase your hardware in minutes

Meet your Concierge


Once you’re signed up, our NCR Silver Concierge Team will take over and help you get your system up so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting

Unpack. Plug in. Go!


Once your hardware arrives, your back office is already set up so all you have to do is plug in, sign in and you’re ready to go!



Have Questions About iPad POS Systems or NCR Silver?


Choosing the right technology can be a challenge. We hope the decision is made easier with these FAQs.



What devices does NCR Silver work with?


NCR Silver apps work on Apple iOS 8 mobile devices, Apple iOS 9 mobile devices and the NCR Silver Quantum.

What else comes with my NCR Silver subscription?


Your app, 24/7 LIVE customer support, the Silver Concierge service, regular software updates, integrated loyalty, email marketing, inventory management and more.

Can I use more than one device?


The NCR Silver app is available for download from the Apple App Store, and activated following registration with NCR Silver. Register as many devices as you would like, and use any combination simultaneously.


What third party software works with NCR Silver?


We’re constantly working with the best software providers — from accounting to mobile payments — to offer your small business or franchise an all-in-one experience. To name just a few: Xero, QuickBooks, PassMarket, Paychex, LevelUp.