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Everything You Wanted To Know About NCR Silver.


From iPad simplicity to advanced point-of-sale functionality, you can access these pages to see how NCR Silver is designed to help you grow.



What's an iPad POS System?


You can turn your iPad tablet into a complete POS system, capable of sales reporting, employee management and more.

Why make the switch to EMV?


Reduced liability for one. You'll also be able to meet consumer demand and accept contactless payments such as Apple Pay.

What's possible in the cloud?


From taking mobile payments to accessing sales reports, cloud technology makes your point of sale a POS system.

How Can NCR Silver Loyalty And Email Marketing Work For You?

"Before I found NCR Silver, managing our customer loyalty program was a real challenge"




What's Silver Concierge?


With the included Silver Concierge service, your business has a dedicated support team behind it.

  • Remote setup of your store's back office.
  • One hour of menu maintenance every month.
  • Training sessions on new features twice per year.
  • Hardware support if select items break.
  • Access to LIVE 24/7 customer support.




Want Even More Advanced Functionality For Your Tablet POS System?


Plan Like A Pro With Silver Console.

With Silver Console, formerly CimpleBox, you have super-detailed reporting and easy-to-use management tools ... in one time-saving dashboard.


  • With an integrated calendar, sales intelligence down to the finest detail and automated forecasting, you’ll have comprehensive reporting at your fingertips.
  • Managing your servers and other employees is also a breeze, thanks to auto-scheduling, integrated texting, shift swapping and sales reports.
  • When you have in-depth data in your product mix, you can better manage your stock.


Customize as you see fit. Improve your bottom line. Free up time to do what you do best: Serve customers.



Still Have More Questions About NCR Silver?


These FAQs should help you make the right point-of-sale decision.



What devices work with NCR Silver?


NCR Silver apps work on Apple iOS 8 mobile devices, Apple iOS 9 mobile devices, and the NCR Silver Quantum.

What apps are available?


NCR Silver works for a wide variety of merchants, while NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition offers advanced functionality for restaurateurs.

What's included in my NCR Silver subscription?


Your app, 24/7 LIVE customer support, the award-winning Silver Concierge service, regular software updates, integrated loyalty, email marketing, inventory management and more.

Does NCR Silver take a percentage of my transactions?


No! Unlike some other point-of-sale companies, NCR Silver charges for value, not for you to take transactions.