About NCR Silver



Our name says it all: NCR Small Business



NCR Silver is a cloud-based tablet point-of-sale and business management system designed for the needs of small and growing businesses.


But for us at NCR Small Business, it’s all about you. Yes, you! The small business owner. The entrepreneur. The employer. The grower of communities.  The creator of legacies.


Whether you’re an independent owner or a corporate manager, NCR Silver and the NCR Small Business team are there to help make driving your business easier and faster.


NCR Small Business solutions help you save costs and find new revenue with easy to understand, actionable insights and powerful, integrated business building tools, like e-marketing and loyalty.  And because our solution is cloud based and tablet portable, you can grow your business outside the for walls of your store… TODAY.


To learn more about how the NCR Small Business team can help your business, connect with us

For any stage of business, a total solution from NCR Silver can help.

You may be charged with growing the next big concept. Or, you might just like the freedom to do things your way. Either way, we believe in you. And we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals. Kudos for doing your own thing. If you can’t tell, we kind of like that. And we plan on celebrating it.



Going There Together


For anywhere you are, and anywhere you’re going, we’ll be there with you.

You know where you want to go


You want more customers and help in making better business decisions. You may want to expand. And you definitely wouldn’t mind more time back in your day.

NCR Silver can get you there


NCR Silver is a cloud-based payment, marketing and management solution that can help grow your business, make your life easier, and save you serious time.

NCR Silver differentiators


Unlike other tablet point-of-sale systems, NCR Silver offers unmatched support, simplified technology and a no-compromise commitment to helping merchants succeed.

You've got people


In your corner is the award-winning Silver Concierge service and live 24/7 customer support. This team will not only set up your POS system but maintain your inventory every month.

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