Power Transportation

Reducing transportation costs while maintaining customer services levels is a challenge most companies face today. NCR Transportation Optimization (NTO) can help you achieve just that. Inbound freight charges are reduced by bidding out services to the lowest-cost provider, and outbound freight is managed through optimized routes that eliminate extra fuel expenditure and overtime. With NTO, you have tighter control over all your transportation functions with the tools you need to optimize every step of the process.

Features & Benefits


  • Advanced algorithms for dynamic route planning
  • Bing integration for online maps and tracking
  • Vendor location via Geo-coding
  • Carrier administration (bids, rates, contracts, insurance)
  • Centralized system for strategic carrier selection and routing strategies
  • Exception management with automated alerts and updates
  • User-defined dashboard and workflow automation
  • Simplified financial management with freight bill audits and analysis
  • Integrated with Power Warehouse, Power Enterprise and 3rd party systems
  • Deliver products faster at a lower cost with optimized routes
  • Improve the way you utilize and manage your fleet
  • Negotiate the lowest cost possible for delivery of purchased goods
  • Decrease miles driven and overall freight spend
  • Automate fleet settlement and order consolidation

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