Power Dock

NCR Power Dock increases the speed of inventory movement into and out of the warehouse through collaborative scheduling of dock door availability and associated labor. Carriers book their appointments with the online portal, which guarantees them an open dock when they arrive – no longer are trucks waiting in the yard for an open door.

Support: Are you a carrier wishing to set up a new account or make a delivery appointment online?


Features & Benefits


  • Centralized dock scheduling that considers door availability, durations and other constraints
  • Online carrier network with more than 13,000 users
  • Web-based dock appointment scheduling for vendor self-service
  • Capacity planning and management, with integrated labor Forecasting
  • Intelligent appointment duration calculations
  • Vendor/carrier compliance and scorecard reporting
  • Finds ‘hot’ loads and prioritizes these tasks
  • Dashboard view with predefined KPIs
  • Integration with Power Yard and Power Enterprise suite
  • Maximizes dock door usage
  • Reduces the administrative costs associated with booking appointments
  • Eliminate detention and demurrage charges
  • Reduce overtime costs

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