Power+ Purchasing

Getting the inventory right in your warehouse is one of the fastest ways to improve your company’s profitability. NCR's Power+ Purchasing uses demand forecasting science to make sure order is exactly right, so you can maximize your inventory turns while eliminating out of stocks. The solution also allows buyers to strategically place orders that lower inventory costs by maximizing available vendor funding and optimizing truckloads.


  • Reduces average inventory costs

  • Improves buyer efficiency

  • Accurately forecasts demand

  • Optimizes on-hand inventory

Product Summary



Margins are narrow, and products change constantly. That’s why savvy purchasing can make or break profitability in the grocery, food service and convenience store industries.


Today’s competitive retail environment means that companies must simultaneously reduce operating costs, improve customer services and be able to react to shorter and more complex demand cycles of the modern consumer. Without the right tools, companies can often achieve one or two of these metrics, but often at the expense of he others.


These challenges create a set of complex algorithms impossible for buyers to compute on paper or by just using a spreadsheet tool. Instead, buyers can rely on NCR Power+ Purchasing, a robust warehouse replenishment tool specifically designed to meet the challenges of the food industry. With NCR Power+ Purchasing, buyers can reduce on-hand inventory, increase order fulfilment rates and reduce their average inventory costs.



  • Increases buyer productivity by simplifying the order process 
  • Reduces costs by minimizing on-hand inventory while also reducing out-of-stocks
  • Lowers out-of-stocks in warehouse with accurate demand forecasting
  • Improves forward-buy profitability via in-depth analysis
  • Raises service levels by ensuring products are on the shelf
  • Refines forecasting accuracy with accurate, in-depth data
  • Maximizes margins by enhancing investment buy decisions



Optimizing every purchase—automatically.


Built around a powerful forecasting engine, NCR Power+ Purchasing takes the guesswork out of buying. By accurately and efficiently determining how much inventory is needed, the solution helps buyers keep as little stock on hand as possible—while still guaranteeing that product is available for the customer.


NCR Power+ Purchasing triggers orders based on a number of factors, such as order cycle, inventory at risk, service level compliance and more. At the same time, the solution presents buyers with seasonal groupings of products to ensure these important items are ordered on time.


The software performs complex data calculations in the background, offering buyers opportunities to maximize margins and decrease excess inventory. It also makes suggestions for investment buying and optimizes purchasing of perishables. NCR Power+ Purchasing crunches the numbers and offers easy-to-implement suggestions that go straight to the bottom line.



Product highlights


  • Faster purchase order creation with turn buys
  • Easier buying decisions and high margin opportunities with forward buys
  • Suggestions and monitoring of key variables for stocking products
  • Complete vendor income tracking
  • Automation and optimization for purchasing perishables
  • Full order life cycle management
  • Investment buy simulations
  • Forecasting for turn and demand events based on historic data
  • Recommended orders based on planning, triggering or load building
  • Automated seasonal grouping of products
  • Forecasting algorithms consider demand history, seasonality, promotions, and other key factors
  • Creates orders based on vendor funding, deliveries, history and load building
  • Investment buying simulations and other what-if analysis
  • Analysis dashboards
  • PO management, review and approvals
  • What-if analysis for order optimization
  • Supports inventory transfers
  • Vendor score-card analytics
  • Integrates with Power Warehouse, Power Enterprise and other 3rd party solutions
  • Reduces average inventory costs
  • Improves buyer efficiency
  • Accurately forecasts demand
  • Optimizes on-hand inventory

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