NCR Power+ Mobile Store

NCR Power+ Mobile Store is a Power HQ module that supports all store operations through a browser or mobile device. Users simply log into the application to perform their daily tasks, with a customized workflows based on roles and authorizations.


Power+ Mobile Store allows store associates to manage receiving and product returns, inventory counts, price verifications, shelf tag printing, and more. EDI-based receiving is supported, which speeds the receiving process and reduces invoice discrepancies.   Cycle counts and full-store counts are supported for inventory management, and detailed transfers can all be created and managed with this module. And, since Power+ Mobile Store is deployed as a centralized system, it eliminates the hassle and overhead of maintaining servers in each store. This also means there’s no risk of data inconsistencies between store systems and corporate office, and that all associates can have access to the same data in real time regardless of where they are.

Features and Benefits

  • Price verification with ability to request new or replacement shelf tags
  • Generate or edit orders and PO’s for inventory and supplies
  • Store receiving of direct store delivery (DSD) and warehouse orders
  • Supports receiving against open POs or EDI documents, including DEX, NEX ,and ASN
  • Schedules and executes store inventory counts and cycle counts
  • In-store and store-to-store transfers are easily created, modified and verified
  • Wireless device allows capture of data at the point of activity with corporate visibility in real time
  • Configurable user login screen based on user-assigned tasks and authorizations
  • Provides controls to keep inventory, cost and price data are accurate, ensuring profitable execution of store processes
  • Streamlines vendor deliveries and returns processing
  • Produces detailed records to match against vendor invoices, reducing reconciliation costs and preventing overpayments
  • Eliminates data discrepancies between corporate and store systems by using a single, centralized system with store access
  • Reduces manual data entry with task-driven workflows for all store operations
  • Provides real-time visibility of store-specific data at store level and at central office
  • Reduces the overhead of maintaining servers in every store