Power+ Enterprise

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s tough to keep up if you’re running your business on older technology that locks data into silos and requires predefined interfaces between systems. To succeed, you need a unified platform that supports all supply chain and merchandising processes so you can react quickly and keep up with ever-changing customer demands. That’s why you need NCR Power+ Enterprise. It’s an omnicommerce enablement platform that provides integration across all systems and functions to provide transparency and enable collaboration at every step.


The NCR Power+ Enterprise platform encompasses native business applications, an integration layer, and shared services between NCR solutions and third-party applications. This architecture allows you to migrate to new applications at your own pace, based on your business objectives, not ours. Together with Retail ONE, Power Enterprise supports a unified shopping experience and provides the foresight to go from stock to sale with actionable data and business insights.

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NCR POWER+ ENTERPRISE PLATFORM - Retail and distribution industries 




The challenges of delivering a unified retail distribution experience


Supply chains networks are evolving and expanding to meet the market forces of blurred industry segments and a shift of power from the supplier to the consumer. Plus, customers today demand full transparency across all shopping channels and flexible shopping experiences. These demands are forcing retailers and distributors alike to invest in new technology infrastructures that are flexible and agile and connect the shopping journey throughout the entire supply chain ecosystem.



Innovating at your own pace with immediate benefits


NCR Power+ Platform is a hub powered with an open ecosystem of applications that standardizes retail channel and customer touchpoint integration. The solution helps retailers, wholesalers and distributors gain visibility into customer behaviors and store activities that impact business decisions and buying behavior. NCR Power+ Enterprise Platform helps pave the way for your business to evolve to an omni-channel provider, by complementing and integrating with existing systems, rather than being forced into major transformation projects and replacing multiple systems at once. This means you can naturally progress from your current IT environment to a future-ready, unified commerce platform.



A modern and agile enterprise platform 


The NCR Power+ Enterprise platform encompasses native business applications, an integration layer, and shared services between NCR solutions and third-party applications. Together with the NCR retail suite of software applications, Power Enterprise supports a unified shopping experience with actionable data and business insights. At the heart of this platform, Power+ MDM is the vehicle that serves as a unified data layer and repository for all business applications, resolving and synchronizing core master data across your organization. NCR Power+ Platform is designed using a 3-tier architecture allowing it to scale both horizontally and vertically. This makes implementation a breeze, while meeting the complex needs of business-level users. Better yet, you’ll keep your total cost of ownership down — and be able to respond to change faster than ever before.





  • Provides a common, integrated infrastructure upon which services and applications can run and integrate, simplifying the delivery of high quality business features
  • Enables you to mix and match applications across the NCR Power Enterprise portfolio, plus third-party business applications
  • Bridges the gap between new and existing technologies to provide a cohesive ecosystem enabling entry into new technology and speed-to-market to maximize ROI
  • Creates a future-ready merchandising and supply chain platform
  • Deploys shared services without redistributing the entire application
  • Reduces hardware and acquisition costs and total cost of ownership



Technical highlights 


  • Available as part of the NCR Power Enterprise suite, and as a stand-alone solution
  • Architecture based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Platform-independent, HTML-5 technology
  • User-defined hierarchies for trading parties and business units
  • Storage of business unit catalogs, product dictionaries and items
  • Support of framework and detailed agreements
  • Online and data-staging input facilities
  • Audit trail of system activity that includes read-only historical data repository
  • Ability to build user maintenance screens using dragand-drop
  • Designed for loosely coupled integration via messaging or web services