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As the speed of business continues to increase, the need to provide accurate and reliable enterprise data has never been greater. This isn’t just for your corporate systems; your trading partners and customers are demanding data visibility as well. Without the ability to provide accessible and accurate data, your business will suffer. NCR’s Power+ MDM is a centralized repository for storing and maintaining this data, providing accuracy and accessibility to systems both internally and with trading partners, and can help you do this efficiently and without manual data scrubbing.


• Improves data quality and resultant business reporting
• Enforces data governance principles
• Reduces manual intervention to maintain clean data
• Supports flexibility through custom workflows
• Increases visibility with data feeds from trading partners and customers

Product Summary


NCR POWER+ MDM - Retail and Distribution Industries 



As the complexity of food distribution continues to grow the need for reliable—and consistent—data becomes increasingly more important.



No matter what systems you use to run your business, if the data within these systems is not accurate, you’re going to run into problems. Many companies today still operate their business within silos that are not integrated, which means that even if data is right in one system, it may be wrong in another. This means managers can’t rely on the accuracy of what’s being reported. And, that’s why you need NCR Power+ MDM. 


NCR Power+ MDM serves as a centralized repository for all your business data, resolving and synchronizing data across your organization. The solution includes both predefined and customizable data management policies that help you continuously improve data quality over time. NCR Power+ MDM also includes online and data-staging input facilities, along with all NCR enterprise platform services such as customized workflow, data synchronization, logging and reporting. This means all systems to get a complete and accurate view of item definitions, inventory levels, order details, forecasts and more.  



A business case for proper data governance 


You may not realize it, but something as simple as an inaccurate product weight can cost a lot of money. If you’re a distributor, an incorrectly high product weight may cause you to improperly load the warehouse, load fewer cases onto a truck, and ultimately expend higher transportation costs than what is necessary. Getting this data right could mean more efficient warehouse slotting and truckload cubing, thus saving your company thousands of dollars.


Proper data governance not only helps you get your data accurate, it also resolves and synchronizes data across the organization so that the data is right everywhere.


This means more informed decision-making and improved reporting. NCR Power+ MDM also integrates data feeds from customers and suppliers, along with GSDN compliance, which enables faster time-to-market of new items and facilitates accurate data exchange with trading partners. The solution also complies with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) standards.


  • Improve decision-making with accurate business forecasting
  • Reduce errors across systems by using standard descriptions and product identifiers
  • Drive sales by delivering product information seamlessly through existing sales systems
  • Quickly find answers about product safety, proper handling, and storage temperatures
  • Works with multiple client applications to ensure the data across all applications is updated in real time



A closer look at perpetual inventory 


NCR Power+ MDM includes online and data-staging input facilities that prevent inaccurate data from ever getting into the system. NCR Data Staging is a workflow-driven application that enables users to review all incoming data from multiple sources prior to approving into the Power+ MDM system. There are customized workflow steps by user and function, along with automated email notifications and escalation alerts. NCR Data Staging also includes integration with standardized global data pools such as GDSN or GS1.



Technical highlights 


NCR Power+ MDM is designed using a 3-tier architecture allowing it to scale both horizontally and vertically. This makes implementation a breeze, while meeting the complex needs of business-level users. Better yet, you’ll keep your total cost of ownership down—and be able to respond to change faster than ever before.


  • Available with NCR Power Enterprise, Power+ Enterprise, or as a stand-alone solution
  • Standardized on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Platform-independent, HTML-5 technology
  • User-defined hierarchies for business units and item categories
  • Supports agreement hierarchy and detailed agreement information.
  • NCR Data Staging integrates with third-party supplier portal and define workflows
  • Includes audit trail of all attributes of master data management.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to build user maintenance screens
  • Ability to control user access by function, field, or data level



• Synchronizes with all other systems to ensure consistency
• Server-independent and application agnostic MDM functionality
• Custom-defined workflows and data synchronization processes
• Audit trail of system activity
• Integrates with our Power Enterprise solution portfolio
• Available as a stand-alone module to interface with third party systems


• Improves data quality and resultant business reporting
• Enforces data governance principles
• Reduces manual intervention to maintain clean data
• Supports flexibility through custom workflows
• Increases visibility with data feeds from trading partners and customers

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