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NCR’s Customer Relations solution portfolio for wholesale distribution improves customer satisfaction by transforming your sales representatives into trusted advisors. With any of these solutions, users have pertinent product, inventory and pricing data at their fingertips, along with simple ordering tools and order tracking.


This portfolio also includes a menu planning solution for foodservice operators, an inventory solution for managing vending machine sales and commissions, and a mobile sales force automation tool.

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  • Scheduling and appointment management tools
  • Time-saving tools for creating new orders form history
  • Extensive product details, including nutritional data
  • Service reps can adjust product pricing to meet margin targets
  • Automated alerts for missing critical items
  • Automated alerts for missing critical items
  • Reporting for sales performance, order accuracy and profit analysis
  • Item pick-up and credit request processing
  • Integration with enterprise systems such as Power Enterprise and others
  • Empower sales associates to be consultants
  • Increase average order size
  • Promote new items to grow sales
  • Eliminate margin erosion with sales profitability analysis
  • Manage sales personnel through performance reporting

Product Summary


NCR POWER SELL - Retail and Distribution Industries 



NCR Power Sell helps sales reps establish the kind of rich customer relationships that will open up new opportunities and increase profit margins—for both of you.


Most sales relationships are based on long-established traditions. While a few customers tend to seek out the hottest, best-selling products, many still place their orders based on a standard template: same items, same quantities, and same low profitability. Meanwhile, sales reps often push their favorite wares—regardless of margin—and base their sales presentations on out-of-date or or information irrelevant to the client. 


But, what if your customers just couldn’t wait to see your reps, who continually provided creative, consultative and effective sales ideas?


This all becomes reality with NCR Power Sell, a remote sales force automation tool that provides the information needed to boost sales, manage customer relationships and drive your profitability.


  • Improves average order size
  • Drives sales by automating the order process
  • Proactively prevents sales attrition
  • Prevents margin erosion via hands-on price management
  • Improves cash flow with credit hold alerts
  • Prompts payment collection and customer notification



Put your sales force in remote control 


When your sales reps come to visit, customers expect more than a handshake and a smile. They prefer a consultative approach, where they receive in-depth information to facilitate improved ordering decisions.


With NCR Power Sell, sales reps have all the data they need right at their fingertips. During a sales call, the rep can perform in-depth analysis and answer detailed questions, from account status and item information to availability and product suggestions. No longer will reps place orders only to be told that inventory has run out, disappointing and frustrating customers.


Unprecedented access to information actually shortens sales calls, while prompting larger orders of higher— margin items. The sales force becomes more organized and effective and more profitable, by having direct insight into recommended and promotional items. Even better, customers are pleased with the improved service they receive—even as they help elevate your profits to new heights.



Product highlights 


  • Updated user interface allows intuitive navigation
  • Real-time inventory and order status information
  • New orders can be created from multiple turnkey guides
  • Review of profit and commissions
  • Extensive item information and reporting
  • Fast, flexible search engines
  • Detailed account information including orderstatus, order history, accounts receivable and more
  • Printing of product listings with barcodes
  • Flexible customer-specific notes
  • Suggestions for substitutes and items on allowance



Product Summary


NCR POWER NET - Retail and Distribution Industries 



In this 24x7, self-service world, individuals and businesses alike have grown accustomed to instant access, and increasingly expect information and service on demand.



What’s more, as businesses are struggling to cut costs, employees are being asked to focus on higher-value activities, rather than spending time on routine tasks. But where does that leave your demanding customer base, which depends on you to manage the details?


That’s where NCR Power Net can help. This web-based portal gives your customers the ability to manage their accounts. They can place orders, check invoices, review pricing and more. Most importantly, you’re providing everyone with better service—while saving money.


  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention
  • Drives efficiency as customers easily place their own orders
  • Gives customers and vendors real-time, 24x7 access
  • Offers a complete solution for customer order management and reporting
  • Lowers the cost of serving customers without sacrificing quality
  • Allows customers to order at their convenience via online portals or mobile devices
  • Increases sales by exposing customers to online product information (improves dollars per order)



Make your customers and vendors happier. In less time.


What if your business received fewer phone calls from customers every day, but you actually sold more products? It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s a reality with NCR Power Net. This self-service application empowers your customers to take complete, end-to-end control of their accounts.


No matter what time of day, customers can place orders online or through their mobile devices, and access a wide range of needed information, from price books and product data to orders and invoices. Power Net is designed for ultimate convenience, even allowing retailers to speed along the ordering process by using a barcode scanner.


Power Net enables you to upsell particular items based on each customer’s individual data. By providing detailed product information online, Power Net increases the average dollar amount per order. As a result, your sales and customer satisfaction can reach new heights. And with our iPad Support Module, your employees will enjoy new levels of productivity.


With NCR Power Net, you’ll have the Web-based solution you need to empower your customers and your sales, 24x7.



Product highlights 


  • Robust search functions
  • Accurate inventory, allocation and pricing
  • Order creation using multiple order guides
  • Par-level ordering on all guides
  • Messaging based on customer behavior
  • Order visibility, reporting and administration
  • Items scanned into order for retailer convenience
  • Upselling of related items
  • Accounts payable review, including detailed invoices
  • Delivery confirmation review for NCR Power Delivery users
  • Usage reporting
  • Dashboard views
  • iPad Support Module
  • Safari and Android support



Product Summary


NCR POWER MOBILE - Retail and Distribution Industries 



The consumerization of IT has put mobile devices into everyone’s hands. Tablets and smartphones have become pervasive in everyday life, and now, the business world as well.



NCR Power Mobile brings the power of mobile order management conveniently and vibrantly into the hands of distributors and their customers. Until recently, product ordering was conducted either through printed order guides, or a standard client/server model that was best suited for desktop computers or bulky laptops.


With Power Mobile, distributors and their customers can now experience a feature-rich and media-rich order management system that delivers the capabilities you need on any tablet or smartphone running any mobile operating system, including iOS, Android and Windows.


Your direct sales representatives—or your customers, depending on your preferences—can download the Power Mobile app to any mobile device, tap into your ERP for instant product information, and easily create orders on the fly as they walk through any customer facility.


  • Modern mobile solution that simplifies customer visits and enables users to place orders via tablets or smartphones
  • Improved visibility through every stage of the ordering process, with real-time status updates on orders from entry through delivery
  • Access to critical information anywhere, and enables quick decisions on the go
  • Media-rich content including images, videos and website links that help foster consultative selling and larger orders
  • Enhanced customer loyalty with social media engagement



A Powerful CRM Application On The Go. 



A mobile-enabled ordering solution, NCR Power Mobile combines the usability of mobile with targeted functionality of the NCR Power Enterprise suite of applications to deliver an intuitive solution that meets the needs of both account executives and customers.


Ordering — At its roots, Power Mobile is an ordering application. It features multiple ordering methods, including ordering via guides, lists and previous orders. Its intuitive user interface enhances and simplifies the ordering experience for distributors and their customers.


Automated Alerts and Messaging — The solution helps enhance communications between distributors and their customers by enabling automatic alerts and other customized messaging any time an unexpected event occurs to an order.


Advanced Item Search — Power Mobile puts all media-rich item data, along with third-party item information, at a user’s fingertips in real-time. Distributors can add promotional material, photographs and links to additional content (such as nutritional data) to help drive sales. The app also can utilize a mobile device’s camera to support barcode scanning and item lookup.


Up-Selling & Cross-Selling — Power Mobile includes many different features for distributors to link item associations and recommendations together to promote cross-selling, up-selling and new sales opportunities. Related products are presented when reviewing an item detail. In addition, a large portion of the Power Mobile Dashboard is dedicated for distributors to display promotional ads from vendors or from their own marketing team.


Invoices — Invoice information is easily available to search and review, and includes drill-down capability into items. Invoice payment status, along with associated alerts, is also displayed.


Social Integration — Social media continues to help drive business and customer relationships, and with Power Mobile, distributors can add links to their social feeds directly to the app’s main dashboard.


Customer Information — Distributors can easily search and find customer contact information. Power Mobile also enables one-click options to place a call or send an email to customers, simplifying and enhancing communications.


Inventory Management — Power Mobile can help your customers manage inventory through stock counts, creation of PAR lists, financial reports such as COGS and more. Solution provides insight for both distributor and non-distributor items.



Product Highlights


  • Supports multiple devices—tablets and smartphones
  • Supports multiple operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Developed as a hybrid HTML5 solution to adapt dynamically to device being used
  • Pulls data directly via web services to/from NCR Power Enterprise or third-party ERP—no local data to synch manually
  • Created using Agile development methodology
  • Features flexible architecture and deployment—ability to host it yourself or on via a cloud service.
  • Enables fast implementation and quick ROI 


Product Summary


NCR POWER MENU - Retail and Distribution Industries 



For food-service operators with countless menu items and ingredients to manage day after day after day, inefficient menu management is a recipe for disaster.



Not only do inventory errors and inadequate cost controls hurt your bottom line, mistakes in satisfying individual dietary restrictions can lead to serious consequences for your customers. And for you.


With NCR Power Menu, delivering accurate and cost-effective menu-management services has never been easier. A Web-based solution, NCR Power Menu provides robust menu-management functionality in a zero footprint application. A browser and internet connection are all you or your customers need to access a full array of menu-management functionality.


Better yet, NCR Power Menu increases your customer satisfaction by helping them better manage their menu costs. 


  • Makes it easy to comply with ever-changing regulations on nutritional labeling
  • Increases profitability of finished goods through recipe cost-analysis
  • Improves order accuracy with forecasted demand of ingredients based on finished goods
  • Keeps costs low, with no software or licenses needed for end users
  • Links to existing systems for item information (including nutritional details), pricing and automated order submission
  • Allows both distributors and operators to add menus and recipes



Built for performance. And profitability. 


Designed to seamlessly link menu-management functions into a distributor’s own inventory, pricing and order-submission systems, NCR Power Menu allows food-service providers to choose from a wide range of existing menus, recipes and more. With flexible features for all segments—food-service, retail, restaurants, banquets/catering, institutions and healthcare-this advanced menu-management solution can handle the needs of any operator, no matter how large or small.


NCR Power Menu also allows you to use one of its existing templates as a starting point for creating menus, in addition to adding custom diets that are specifically relevant to an individual facility. Special holiday and theme menus are also possible, as is the ability to create custom recipes or select from more than 9,000 pre-existing options.


Power Menu can flag recipes with allergen ingredients, and create product nutritional profiles to supplement the information for more than 8,000 common products. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with NCR Power Enterprise suite including Power Net for optimal order creation is just one more reason you should order Power Menu for yourself—a la carte or as part of the industry-leading suite of NCR solutions.



Product highlights 


  • Integration with NCR Power Enterprise suite, including Power Net for ordering
  • More than 9,000 pre-populated recipes, plus custom recipe entry
  • Cost analysis based on recipe portion, meal, day, week or menu cycle
  • Menus for custom diets, holiday and theme meals along with all standard diets and textures for healthcare
  • Nutritional analysis by ingredient, product, portion, meal, day or cycle, including allergen warnings
  • Inventory tracking for items stocked across facilities or in multiple locations at one facility
  • Generation of FDA-compliant nutritional labels, with ability to customize with additional fields
  • Control of recipe access and customization at the chain or facility level
  • Zero footprint that is easy to implement, support and manage
  • Flexible functionality to support all food-service segments, including retail, healthcare and institutional food preparation