Power Menu

When you’re selling prepared foods, every detail is important. If preparing the food wasn’t complex enough, you’re faced with labeling regulations, consumer demand for nutritional data, all while trying to control costs and grow sales. And, if you’re in healthcare, your recipes must comply with standardized diets and textures. With NCR’s Power Menu, you are able to do all this and more – control menu costs, track nutritional data, and manage inventory – with more control than ever before.

Features & Benefits


  • Tracks inventory of ingredients based on finished good sales
  • Automatically suggests orders based on usage
  • Supports industry standards for importing item data, including GS1-US data pools
  • Application is easily configured for foodservice retail or institutional usage
  • Healthcare support for menu planning based on specific diets and textures
  • Integrates with Power Net, Power Enterprise and other 3rd party systems
  • Recipes can be defined at different levels of the corporate hierarchy
  • Automatically calculate finished good nutritional data based on ingredients
  • Increase profitability with cost-analysis tools by recipe, portion, or menu cycle
  • Improve inventory accuracy with suggested ordering based on production
  • Easily track important nutritional information such as allergens

Product Summary


NCR POWER MENU - Retail and Distribution Industries 



For food-service operators with countless menu items and ingredients to manage day after day after day, inefficient menu management is a recipe for disaster.



Not only do inventory errors and inadequate cost controls hurt your bottom line, mistakes in satisfying individual dietary restrictions can lead to serious consequences for your customers. And for you.


With NCR Power Menu, delivering accurate and cost-effective menu-management services has never been easier. A Web-based solution, NCR Power Menu provides robust menu-management functionality in a zero footprint application. A browser and internet connection are all you or your customers need to access a full array of menu-management functionality.


Better yet, NCR Power Menu increases your customer satisfaction by helping them better manage their menu costs. 


  • Makes it easy to comply with ever-changing regulations on nutritional labeling
  • Increases profitability of finished goods through recipe cost-analysis
  • Improves order accuracy with forecasted demand of ingredients based on finished goods
  • Keeps costs low, with no software or licenses needed for end users
  • Links to existing systems for item information (including nutritional details), pricing and automated order submission
  • Allows both distributors and operators to add menus and recipes



Built for performance. And profitability. 


Designed to seamlessly link menu-management functions into a distributor’s own inventory, pricing and order-submission systems, NCR Power Menu allows food-service providers to choose from a wide range of existing menus, recipes and more. With flexible features for all segments—food-service, retail, restaurants, banquets/catering, institutions and healthcare-this advanced menu-management solution can handle the needs of any operator, no matter how large or small.


NCR Power Menu also allows you to use one of its existing templates as a starting point for creating menus, in addition to adding custom diets that are specifically relevant to an individual facility. Special holiday and theme menus are also possible, as is the ability to create custom recipes or select from more than 9,000 pre-existing options.


Power Menu can flag recipes with allergen ingredients, and create product nutritional profiles to supplement the information for more than 8,000 common products. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with NCR Power Enterprise suite including Power Net for optimal order creation is just one more reason you should order Power Menu for yourself—a la carte or as part of the industry-leading suite of NCR solutions.



Product highlights 


  • Integration with NCR Power Enterprise suite, including Power Net for ordering
  • More than 9,000 pre-populated recipes, plus custom recipe entry
  • Cost analysis based on recipe portion, meal, day, week or menu cycle
  • Menus for custom diets, holiday and theme meals along with all standard diets and textures for healthcare
  • Nutritional analysis by ingredient, product, portion, meal, day or cycle, including allergen warnings
  • Inventory tracking for items stocked across facilities or in multiple locations at one facility
  • Generation of FDA-compliant nutritional labels, with ability to customize with additional fields
  • Control of recipe access and customization at the chain or facility level
  • Zero footprint that is easy to implement, support and manage
  • Flexible functionality to support all food-service segments, including retail, healthcare and institutional food preparation