Enterprise Systems

The NCR Enterprise Systems software platform is the keystone of our comprehensive suite of merchandising and supply chain software solutions for wholesale distribution. Our system brings together all of the operational and financial business processes needed to run your business efficiently, collaborate with trading partners, reduce costs and gain insight into business performance.

We deeply understand the nuances of food, foodservice and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) distribution and designed this suite to provide you with a competitive advantage in each area of your business.

So whether you are looking to streamline your order management and billing, improve your data accuracy across systems, reduce your distribution costs, or engage with your customers with new mobile technology we have a solution to help you achieve your goals.

Features & Benefits

  • Open, services oriented, 3-tier architecture platform that supports NCR merchandising supply chain and retail software, other corporate systems and 3rd party applications
  • Business Management: financials and analytics
  • Customer Relations: customer service and order management
  • Operations Management: warehouse management
  • Supports collaboration via electronic data exchange
  • Complete view and management of KPIs
  • Designed for food distribution, supporting all unique item attributes and business processes
  • Common shared services for applications that need to exchange data with the platform
  • Operational layer of security, auditing, archiving and job scheduling
  • Data governance and master data management through NCR Power+ MDM
  • Enables transparency and collaboration across all supply chain activities and partners
  • Manage data as an asset across the organization, eliminating silos and associated inefficiencies
  • Common services that can be shared reduce costly integration projects
  • Saves money and administrative time with more accurate data available in real time
  • Reduces learning curve for employees with business and administrative tasks within a single, unified platform
  • Manages the nuances of perishable distribution across every business function
  • Increases accuracy of master data, saving money and administrative time
  • Improves margins by capturing all possible vendor programs
  • Reduces risk of new technology implementation with the option to migrate solutions and features at your own pace