Transportation Management

NCR’s Transportation Management solution portfolio optimizes the efficiency of all your transportation needs. Our transportation optimization software reduces both inbound and outbound freight costs. And, whether inventory is coming or going to your warehouse, our dock and yard management systems ensure it moves as efficiently as possible. And finally, we manage the last mile of the supply chain as well with our proof-of-delivery software that verifies that all orders arrive to your customers or retail locations.

  • Advanced algorithms for dynamic route planning
  • Bing™ integration for online maps and tracking
  • Vendor location via Geo-coding
  • Carrier administration (bids, rates, contracts, insurance)
  • Centralized system for strategic carrier selection and routing strategies
  • Exception management with automated alerts and updates
  • User-defined dashboard and workflow automation
  • Simplified financial management with freight bill audits and analysis
  • Integrated with NCR and 3rd party supply chain systems
  • Deliver products faster at a lower cost with optimized routes
  • Improve the way you utilize and manage your fleet
  • Negotiate the lowest cost possible for delivery of purchased goods
  • Decrease miles driven and overall freight spend
  • Automate fleet settlement and order consolidation

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NCR POWER TRANSPORTATION - Retail and Distribution Industries 



The uncertainty of rising fuel prices has a dramatic effect on the entire supply chain, and no place is it felt more directly than in the transportation of goods. But while distributors can’t control the price of diesel, they can control their transportation operations.



Effectively managing transportation offers an opportunity to increase profits and drive business growth. The ability to execute on this opportunity requires precise planning tools, powerful optimization solutions, centralized data management, and a focus on cost and service. NCR Power Transportation is here to help.


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NCR POWER DELIVERY - Retail and Distribution Industries


Power Delivery allows distributors to confirm delivery, eliminate paperwork, enhance accuracy and improve efficiency in a matter of seconds. As a result, your profits will rise just as fast.


  • Eliminates paperwork and enhances efficiency
  • Improves cash flow by collecting payments faster
  • Reduces invoicing disputes through proof of delivery
  • Increases delivery accuracy
  • Reduces time-per-stop
  • Gives drivers enhanced visibility into account information and ability to make real-time changes


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NCR POWER DOCK - Retail and Distribution Industries 



NCR Power Dock automates the entire dock management process seamlessly and easily—so you can realize dramatic improvements in efficiency.


  • Centralizes dock scheduling
  • Forecasts labor needs and balances workloads
  • Reduces dock labor and overtime
  • Maximizes efficiency of door use
  • Finds hot shipments and prioritizes loads
  • Eliminates phone inquiries about shipment status
  • Reduces expensive detention and demurrage charges


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NCR POWER YARD - Retail and Distribution Industries


NCR Power Yard offers the total synchronized solution you’ve been waiting for to maximize distribution and optimize distribution logistics.


  • Synchronizes distribution
  • Reduces trailer wait time
  • Dramatically improves labor productivity
  • Maximizes fleet utilization
  • Eliminates costly moves
  • Improves planning and forecasting
  • Offers total yard and dock control


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