Supplier Relations

To be successful in supply chain distribution today, trading partners must collaborate to make every transaction efficient. NCR’s Supplier Relations solution portfolio includes replenishment, ordering and billing collaboration tools designed for distributors and vendors to drive down costs and increase sales.

Purchase orders, ship notices, invoices, and the associated payment and collections traditionally require a great deal of paperwork exchanged between business partners. This means time and money spent faxing or mailing information back and forth, and the risk of errors or missing information along the way. NCR helps you overcome these challenges by enabling buyers and vendors to exchange this data electronically. The result – improved business relationships, increased data accuracy, and visibility across the supply chain.


Features & Benefits


  • Buyers use portal to create POs, review ASNs and review Invoices
  • Vendors use portal for PO acknowledgement, post ASNs and submit invoices
  • Approved invoices are submitted and processed through Power Enterprise (or 3rd party AP system)
  • Reporting includes inventory-on-hand, sales history and payment status reports
  • Message board allows for vendors and buyers to communicate directly
  • Power Enterprise module
  • Saves money by automating many non-value add buyer tasks
  • Improves visibility to the complete PO lifecycle, including payment status
  • Facilitate business partnerships with vendors with integrated messaging