Endpoint Security Services for Retail

You deserve modern day protection for modern day attacks. Secure your retail endpoints, today.


NCR VOYIX Endpoint Security Services for Retail enforces use policies to protect critical information and mitigate risks within your endpoint environment. Providing you with the control and confidence needed to address modern day attacks on your retail endpoints.

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Product Summary



Smarter protection for your endpoints 



Security is important. Provide increased endpoint protection against the cyber-criminal who never sleeps.


They say that you are only as secure as your next data breach. We say that’s not a sound security strategy, and you deserve a more proactive approach to securing your endpoints. Many retailers rely on antivirus security technology to protect their endpoints against malicious attacks but we are becoming increasingly more aware that antivirus is not enough. NCR Endpoint Security Service for Retail creates policies to identify and run approved applications on your endpoints, which helps to decrease the risk of malware exposure.


Increase your security posture today with a more proactive approach to securing your endpoints with NCR Endpoint Security Service for Retail.



Modern day protection for modern day attacks 


Keeping pace with cyber-crime is a daunting task that many never achieve. The exponential growth of malware and the sophistication of cyber-attacks has become a difficult task to manage against. NCR Endpoint Security Service for Retail provides proactive security with whitelisting, allowing approved “known” software to run on your endpoints providing additional protection against unapproved changes and executables. Endpoint Security Service aligns with your priorities by focusing on what you believe is most important to run your business while providing an additional layer of protection against unapproved changes. 



Additional protection when using legacy operating systems


The moment the support for your existing operating systems ends your security posture can change leaving you more at risk. Many businesses are faced with the dilemma of how to secure their environment during the interim period before upgrading operating systems. Sometimes it is not feasible to immediately migrate to the most current operating system, but it is still imperative to protect your endpoint. NCR Endpoint Security Service for Retail can provide an additional security layer by locking down or hardening the endpoint to recognize and run your approved software decreasing vulnerability.



Antivirus is not enough 


Traditional antivirus seeks to exploit known malware vulnerabilities which require the ongoing updating of signatures and the execution of timely native patching on each endpoint. Untimely signature updates and patch lags have been proven to leave retailers vulnerable. NCR Endpoint Security Service for Retail leverages whitelisting technology that can provide a higher level of security with increased protection against zero-day threats.



Pragmatic management to help meet compliance standards


Retailers must ensure that their environments are compliant and provide the level of security required by the industry. Endpoint Security Service for Retail provides the processes and reporting needed to help meet compliance. Comprehensive reporting not only provides insights into your approved policies but file monitoring capabilities also provides insights into security breach attempts to more proactively address and correct infractions. 



Key Features 


  • Dynamic whitelisting technology
  • No signatures to update
  • Scalable to millions of endpoints
  • Enabled and managed by a service provider with more than 125 years of retail experience
  • Recognizes and runs approved software
  • Actionable insight with comprehensive analytics and reporting